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Post 1945 cams

Article about: Great stuff Opex! I haven't posted on this thread for a while but thought I would kick this in -has been posted prev in 'World guns' thread a few years ago-West German Flecktam P38/P1 pistol

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    [QUOTE=William1;1392323]I do wish you luck with it Gary, and you will need a lot as these hardly ever turn up on ebay and when they do appear they go crazy. I was fortunate to get this one off a surplus dealer, but he knew what it was and it wasn't pennies, but still a good deal less than I'd have had to pay on ebay.

    Here's another item I like: a 70s dpm bush hat, also favoured by the SF guys, shown here on perhaps not the background I'd have chosen but it's what was on our bed that day:

    Haha yes I know ,I am under no illusions that it would be easy to source these early DPM items, but I am a patient and tenacious collector !

    And the bush hat stands out nicely regardless of the backdrop, the colours are very vivid and I have always been keen on the vividness of "trops" over standard temperate DPM, she's a beauty !!

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    Couple of DPDU 03-09 tags and a comparison between the 06 and 09 patterns
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    A well camouflaged pup there !

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    Hi all
    Here's my set of Austrian dot camo K4 KAZ Panzerjacke
    the Austrian armoured troops wore these short jacket's and were worn tucked into the trousers as the long infantry parkas were too bulky to be worn in the cramped confines of an armoured vehicle!!
    first is a rare KAZ 57 panzerjacke with the removable hood and zip front and no epaulettes
    second is a KAZ 59 panzerjacke without the removable hood but still with the zip front and now had epaulettes added
    and lastly is the KAZ 69 Panzerjacke this is now the same design as the infantry issue without the removable hood or the zip front but still with the epaulettes

    Documenting Austrian Dot Camo Items

    This link tells you pretty much all you need to Know about Austrian K4 dot camo I have found it most usefull over the last couple of years!!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Post 1945 cams   Post 1945 cams  

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    Great sets of DPDU you got there mate, these are fairly rare over in "Pomm land" so many thanks for sharing

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    Hi Austro, fantastic collection of Fleckerlteppich Parka's, one of my favourite post-war camouflage patterns, and Steve certainly knows his Fleckerlteppich, however it is such a pity he never catalogued the excellent descriptions of the evolution of these garments with pictures too

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    somewhere out there in the WWW. UNIVERSE ..I came across a very detailed account outlining in pictures the difference's and the evolution!!! .. including variations in patterns of the Pea-dot itself !!! very interesting reading!!! I think it was on a camouflage web-site??? but it has long since been lost in the favourites archive in my old computer.... that crashed !!! losing all my valuable library of links I built up over the years!!! "Bahh" !!! before the days I discovered good old automatic "back up" !!!! ... and I'm still nowhere near all recovered yet.. even after 4 odd years!!!
    My set of Panzerjacke are merely the tip of the proverbial "iceberg"
    wait till I get my full collection of infantry parkas, trousers, and other K4 patterned items posted!!!
    lets just say its almost as out of control as my Austrian stalhelm collection!!!
    oh all right its probably about the same I suppose !!!!!!!

    ahh just found the camo site I referred to

    Austria - Camopedia
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    Fitted out the 06 patt with an in country made ISAF patch and a 1st patt (with misspelling!) Multi National Base Command patch

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    I have lots of new camo to post but we just got 60+cm of snow with 25+ coming tomorrow . So no outside photos for awhile .

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    Jeez Chris old man winter is not done with you folks back east yet by the sounds of it .

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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