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Preserving a newspaper

Article about: Hello Gents,, I have a whole 1945 newspaper with a headline reading in bold type "WAR OVER IN EUROPE" I would like to display this Newspaper as it has remained in a black plastic f

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    Default Preserving a newspaper

    Hello Gents,, I have a whole 1945 newspaper with a headline reading in bold type "WAR OVER IN EUROPE" I would like to display this Newspaper as it has remained in a black plastic film bag and buried deep in a Cedar hope chest. It is still in decent condition....My question,,, is there a special kind of plastic sleeve that could protect the paper while displaying it..or since it will be in a contained cabinet,, would it be ok to display openly? Is there something at a local crafft store that i could use? I appreciate any ideas. Regards Larry
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    Larry: You want an acid free bag if you are going to lay it on a shelf or you can get it framed in acid free framing, but that is rather expensive. I'm sure you can Google the info on acid free bags, they are not that expensive. Good luck! I have a red letter, huge banner headline paper for both VE and VJ day, but I just keep them with some other old newspapers in a plastic hamper.

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    Hi Larry, Perhaps lay it on some acid free tissue paper and if you get a pale colour you could possibly put a layer on top and still see the writing underneath? As im sure you know i find the best thing is keeping it out of sunlight which i believe is the same with most things. Acid Free tissue paper can be picked up cheaply from an auciton site. We keep out ephemera in box files with a layer of acid free tissue paper between each item. Hope this helps

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    Look for a no PVC kind of plastic. It is generally harder and stiffer than the normal kind of plastic bags and such are made of. If you intend to display it, you might consider getting 2 sheets the same size and sandwiching it between them and then framing. Remember, though, that newspaper is cheap paper to begin and with a high sulpher content and was never made for posterity. I've seen WWI papers that literally fell to dust on touching them, so if you do frame it, plan on Never again laying a finger on it. Once sealed in-it needs to stay sealed in. (Keep it dry and out of the sun too, of course. High humidity can play Hell with old newsprint!)

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    If you put it behind glass maybe UV-coating is something to consider.

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