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Propaganda Poster Collection

Article about: I thought I would share my propaganda posters with the board.. Please do not get the wrong idea about me by seeing the posters I collect.. I collect them strictly for history..

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    I would have to agree --- as I see it, restoring posters/other old paperwork is as far as I'm concerned not something I'd ever consider. Not saying it's bad per se, to each their own indeed --- but, I personally prefer to leave things alone, restoration is a far leap from preservation imo.

    If it is "broken" and something that you'd like to function like back when it was new, like a car or something, I'd say restore away --- if it's an item that is not to be "used" as such anymore, only to be displayed as an item of the past, I say preserve and leave the signs of history's tooth alone.

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    Restoration isn't for everyone, and everyone is entitled to there opinion but these pieces of paper are history , and will not last till the end of time... A dagger will be the same dagger 200 years from now.. Your paper will not be here in 200 years as the acids break down the paper over a period of time... I never do a full restoration on my posters, if I wanted to they could look new but I choose to leave the patina on the posters themselves ,and just strengthen the poster by linen backing it ,and just fixing the chewed corners... The patina on the fold lines is my favorite..

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    Not saying your way is wrong at all, sounds like you have a good and sensible middle of the road approach (not a "back to mint condition" approach, just saying that not restoring is my preference. If restored I feel they lose some of that vintage/historic "air", a factor that is the primary reason I collect in the first place. Patina, wear and all that. Kind of the same way I feel some "unissued" items in mint condition feel "dead", not having been used at all... they may look great but don't feel right.

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    I just hope that all of you at least display your posters no matter what condition they are in.. These posters weren't meant to last a lifetime as most of them were hung up all over cities and were out in the elements.. I hope Historyman displays his poster he sent me in a private email , if it is indeed the last of its kind enjoy it, don't let it just sit folded away or rolled in a tube.. Sorry I'm just a poster Nerd!!

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    I don't have many now but I have owned many rare and expensive posters, from different eras, and I have always made it a point to either display or pass it on.

    Also, just for the record --- I believe in preservation just as much as you do restoration --- meaning the only difference here is that I'm personally not willing to touch up or add to any of my pieces, I endeavor to make them last as long as possible just the same... like you.

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    [QUOTE=slados28;1482320]I don't have many now but I have owned many rare and expensive posters, from different eras, and I have always made it a point to either display or pass it on.

    That's my sentiment as well!!!

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    I have just added 2 more posters to my collection. 1 is in transit and once it's framed I will post it..
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