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Random crap from a former life!

Article about: Going through my trunks after our move....I'm sure all soldiers have stuff like this - - Updated - - Sorry, I have no idea why they are upside down

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    You could always sell it all and use the money for a basic photography course

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    Circuit advertisement Random crap from a former life!
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    If I was you keep hold of this "crap" because in years to come you wish you had!!!. If I kept everything I have stolen I mean found over the years it would fill a small garage lol...

    Also like the medals well done you...Cheers Terry.

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    Thank you for the replies....all this stuff sits in two trunks in the garage....I occasionally got through it and relive a job I dearly loved.

    The chocolate chip cams were acquired from the Iraqi army unit we were training at the time.....the replica medals were replacements of another set of replicas, after a drunk 1 Armoured REGT digger was dropped off at the 5/7 guard room, where I happened to be guard commander, who then proceeded to throw up all over my ceremonial uniform......he was promptly placed in the cells to sleep it morning the RSM visited the guard room, to inspect us, and there's me in PT gear.......a rather quick explanation, and an "imtroduction" to our guest a "deal" was struck......if the young digger replaced my entire uniform, medals, insignia etc......a few hundred dollars worth....then had them dry cleanest and ironed to inspection standard....there would be no charges.....fair enough

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    pics rotated for ya Mate

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    Thanks rene

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    That's a fine collection of "bring backs". I only have my old uniform , I wish I had "pulled" a few items in retrospect! Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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