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Scooters Collection

Article about: Thought i would start a thread for my collection, my collection is small at the moment, i will start with just a couple of things that i have pics of and add more as time allows or i get som

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    While i had my camera out i decided to take a couple more pics of my stuff.

    First is an interesting dagger, if anyone has any info on it that would be great, i think its a WW2 era German made Dutch Navel Cadets Dagger, but i could be completely wrong.

    Scooters Collection

    Next is a couple of British Daggers, the one with the ground down blade has an interesting story, i work at a mechanic shop and when i got the other dagger i was showing one of the mechanics and he told me he had one very similar, he went to his toolbox and pulled the dagger out, apparently he used to live in Bermuda and he was diving one day and came across the dagger at the bottom of the ocean, he used to use it to cut off rubber boots and hoses hence it being ground down to sharpen it, he said i could have it if i wanted it.

    Scooters Collection

    Next is just my other German Dress Bayonet.

    Scooters Collection

    Finally here is my relics, a German Helmet with half the front missing and my combat Bayonet, i think they are as interesting as the non relic pieces, they look like they could tell very interesting stories if they could talk.

    Scooters Collection

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    I must say that I have never seen a second pattern Adler like that before.

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    That doesnt mean its fake does it??

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    Just saying I have never seen one with rounded wing tips and very little detail to feet.
    I am not qualified enough to pass judgement just an observation.
    Thanks for the extra pic on it.

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    Its been a while since i have bought something new for the collection, i have bought my first house so funds are a bit tight at the moment, but i did get some nice little plates today, i only really wanted one but the guy was selling five together so i bit the bullet and bought them all

    They are small side plates, 190mm, with a nice D.A.F mark on the back.

    Scooters CollectionScooters Collection

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    very nice collection scooter

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    Nice looking bunch of stuff scooter. timothy

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    great Collection Scooter.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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