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Show your mannequins!

Article about: My German artillery Oberlautnant (full mannequin) named Hans Wildner (It is a named tunic, hehe ).

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    Hi James,
    Sorry mate what I was getting at was that many of these ended up on Humvee spare tyres during the First Gulf War. Pack cover come tyre cover.
    Here's the stamping on my "Woodland" example.

    Attachment 608245

    Cool life like display.
    You will have to start a Brit desert display to go with your Yank.

    All the best
    thanks dave ,and for showing your woodland example ,i never realised they existed in this pattern ,the most woodland pattern you can see on my gw display is the frag vest pockets once the choc chip cover was fitted over Show your mannequins!Show your mannequins!

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    Circuit advertisement Show your mannequins!
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    fantastic display René ,i never tire of viewing your awesome collection ,to much to take in at once ,fritz has led a very colourfull life before his service in the ddr

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    Magnificent Rene. Mate your collection is never boring it's a sight to behold my friend.
    It must have taken you some time to fit out those mannequins mate. Cheers for the effort Rene. I like "Tanker Chickie" she's a real honey.

    Later mate

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    Here's my fav at the moment

    Show your mannequins!Show your mannequins!

    Sgt C L Hoffman born Macquarie Plains Tasmania 4th Feb. 1916
    The mini patch (white over red) represents his previous service in the 40th Militia Infantry Battalion "The Derwent Regiment" which was a Tasmanian formed unit.
    The Tunic is marked T20 which is a Tasmanian manufactures code.
    A triple Tasmanian connection.

    The display is at the GeorgeTown RSL Military Museum with a few more of my mannequins.

    This is his 2/13th Infantry Battalion mate just off the troopship from North Africa Feb 1943.

    Show your mannequins!Show your mannequins!

    Again he lives at the RSL at the moment.

    All the best

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    my east german mannequin finally has his long awaited jackboots Show your mannequins!

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    I've had a fun hour updating my mannequin display and bringing him forward a few decades:

    Show your mannequins!Show your mannequins!

    I'm trying to put together an early eighties/Falkalnads display so he's wearing 1968 pattern jacket, 58 pattern webbing and an armoured vehicle type helmet with plastic scrim. There is a second pattern respirator haversack on his belt and a 1983 dated parachute flare (used!) tucked into one of the front pouches. I'm really please with how this one has turned out and it makes a nice change to go a bit more modern.

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    Here are a couple of mine.


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    well done warspite on a superb display

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    Couple more of mine

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    Nice ones Rene .


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