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Signed Books: Show 'Em If You Got 'Em!

Article about: Paul, Are those book plates, or personally signed books? If book plates are allowed, here is one of mine

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    Seems like you ain't somebody until you have a signed copy of Tony's book!

    Signed Books: Show 'Em If You Got 'Em! Signed Books: Show 'Em If You Got 'Em!

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    Another one i got this week. Unfortunately Herr Sametreiter has Parkinson disease therefore he cannot sign anymore. He is using a stamp with his signature. Unfortunately the ink is not absorbed by the photo's material and it will be erased in time.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Signed Books: Show 'Em If You Got 'Em!   Signed Books: Show 'Em If You Got 'Em!  

    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Does anyone know if Otto Carius speaks English? My copy of Tigers in the Mud arrived from Amazon this week and I want to know if I have to have my accompanying letter translated into German for him as I want to say a few nice words rather than just a 'Dear Otto, please sign this' message.

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    I think he speaks just the basics Glenn.
    It's rare to get a personalized reply from him. I mean he usually sends the signed stuff, a photo and a photocopy of the newspaper when he had received his RK.
    But try it out. You have nothing to lose.
    p.s. I always contact him in German.
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Ok, thanks for the advice. Maybe i'll write the letter in English and let google translate put it into gGrman and hopefully he can work out what i'm saying.

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    Well I found out why there's been a delay with having my copy of 'At Leningrad's Gates' signed by the author William Lubbecke... The poor guy fell and broke his leg 2 weeks ago! That's gotta hurt at the best of times but at 95 years of age!

    I just spoke with his daughter in law who gave me the news. Apparantly he will be in hospital and rehab for another 3 weeks before getting home so I figure the book will be awhile getting taken care of. The good news is that he is expected to make a full recovery.

    Sure glad he's going to be OK. These vets aren't getting any younger guys so if you want your records of history signed by the witnesses to that history, you can't let a minute go to waste.

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    Praying for his full recovery! Events like that can be disaster for the elderly. Hopefully it doesn't trigger anything else.

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    Well the daughter in law didn't sound too worried, apparantly Mr Lubbeck is very strong for his age and also very independent so she doesn't foresee any problems. Fingers crossed!

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    Yes knock on wood! These guys were tough then and they're tough now. If he keeps his good spirits than I believe he will bounce back.

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    Glenn: Thank you for the update. Mr. Lubbeck is a great guy and I wish him all the best and a very fast recovery.


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