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slowly revising my headgear displays

Article about: here's a glimpse at my work in progress ,for the colder months im altering the shelving and adding large and small timber stands to add levels and hopefully make it a bit more interesting to

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    Quote by James C View Post
    thanks michael ,yep shes a goodun for sure ,i suppose she rather have me doing this for a hobby ,than drinking smoking and gambling on the gee gee's etc here is the iraqi tank showing the same black and red triangle as on my m80 Attachment 797106
    That's fantastic James, and the insignia on the tank is clearly the same as the one on your M-80...nice one buddy

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    Circuit advertisement slowly revising my headgear displays
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    Quote by James C View Post
    another section of head gear examples from the persian gulf and middle east ,ive since learned very recently that the iraqi m80 is not a republican guard medina division recon unit helmet but a 3rd Tawakalna Mechanized Division helmet so great to finally have some closure on the insignia Attachment 796839
    "Ah, just waiting to see who'd be the first one to spot that"
    slowly revising my headgear displays
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    i know paul im a stupid boy

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    Hi James,

    Thought I would show you my Soviet tank helmet. Received yesterday from the Vet who liberated it from a T72 in Iraq during GW1.

    slowly revising my headgear displays

    Have tried rotating to correct view with no success. If any mods can help thanks very much.

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    very nice indeed robin ,thank you so much for sharing your iraqi tankie with us good that its complete with the throat phones ,is the mic attachment present ? great stuff

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    sorry i should of also asked if there is any former soviet ink stampings inside of the rear apron area ,it might well give a date of issue ,cheers james

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    this is my only iraqi tank helmet robin ,the chinese t69/or 79 im not exactly sure if this is its correct designation ,there is arabic text in the ear cups and the mic connection shows some field repairsslowly revising my headgear displaysslowly revising my headgear displaysslowly revising my headgear displaysslowly revising my headgear displaysslowly revising my headgear displaysslowly revising my headgear displaysslowly revising my headgear displays

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    Hi James, Mic attachment is still there and writing is still visible under the rear skirt.It is too dark to photo now but seems to be (size) 57-58, then underneath in smaller letters 147 4982 HC7 (could be a Z instead of 7) -72 (possibly year of manufacture).

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    thanks robin ,it sounds very much like 72 ,i have a similar dated soviet tankie in the winter pattern ,i find them very addictive to collect and there are so many subtle differances in the design

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    that serial number sounds familiar im sure ive seen this on bulgarian tank helmets if not soviet then most definately an soviet derived eastern block version exported to iraq ,iraqs procurement of military gear was so varied and quite an interesting study i think a lot of gear was from the warsaw pact countries ,if the the helmet is soviet there should be a poct size stamp somewhere too

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