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Some of my collection items!

Article about: With the move to the new house completed and everything sorted out i was trying to wangle where i was going to display my collection of ordnance items. Was going to put em upstairs in me and

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    Very nice collection! Check my collection too if you want!

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    Quote by SHOCKANDAWE View Post
    You have some very nice pieces of Iraqi Militaria

    Where did you find the Saddam Agenda book??

    Hi there and sorry for the mega late reply. The paperwork items were found by a Royal Engineer attached to the 2nd Royal Scots Battlegroup after the ceasefire in 1991. The blue bound excercise book which when translated turned out to be a kind of battlefield aid memoire was discovered inside an abandonned T-55 tank near the Basra Road-plastic folder containing pages of radio codes was also found inside along with the tankers helmet and ammo bandolier. The red PVC bound diary with Saddams picture in was found on a dead Iraqi soldier near Basra. It was found while his clothing was being searched for means of identification and taken in full compliance with the Geneva Convention. The soldier i bought it from explained he had put it in his locker and it had stayed there from his return from the Gulf until 2005 when he sold it to me. He felt its content might be upsetting if he got it translated and just wanted to get rid of it. I have had it translated and its build up to Invasion of Kuwait era and in most respects the Iraqi soldier it belonged to was just an ordinary young man. His name was Salman Atemimi (or Altememe?) and he lived in Basra with a brother named Raad. When he was found there were no signs of injury and the British soldier thought he was alive at first. He was very likely killed by "Trigger happy US Airforce Cowboys" as the British soldier put it. Fascinating stuff and i only collect battlefield pick-up items from the Gulf Wars 1991 and 2003. Thanks for your interest and you have a fascinating collection yourself! Best Regards, Tim Heath.

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