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Some of my SS junque

Article about: Hi Sarge- Nice collection. I think you are the same individual I used to correspond with over at WAF.

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    I hate to mention it, but does that green helmet have a Round bottomed decal?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I was just about to say the same thing William, and as the chaps say some close ups are needed because just because they come from vets or estates does not mean they are 100% good.


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    Quote by Sarge View Post
    So maby I should have said 60 yrs?
    You could say 100 years if you like. As a native English speaker I am perfectly aware of what 'or more' means (thank you for your condescension), however years of considering oneself a collector mean little as a fake is a fake no matter how long one has owned it.

    Surely with your vast experience you would be aware that fake TR militaria started being produced for the GI market immediately following the end of hostilities. Hence many a 'vet acquired' piece has subsequently been proven fake after years in a collection.

    In any case I detect a certain level of annoyance from your side at what you seem to perceive as my derision of your collection. Once again I must highlight the fact that this is not the case and I merely wish to enjoy your artifacts 'up close and personal'.

    I will say no more on this matter as too often such discussions turn into pi$$ing matches where the new member ends up throwing their toys out of the cot and storms off into the ether. I am not interested in deriding your collection as I have stated previously. What I am interested in is seeing your individual pieces clearly in order to enjoy them as much as you do.

    Good day to you.

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    Sarge, these guys on this forum are good helpful guys who love and value original material. I had a pair of Mint Obergruppenfurher collar tabs that I placed in my safe for 20+ years!
    I decided to show them on this forum. They turned out to be fake!!!!! I tried to find out why they did not look right in the hope they were real. BUT FAKE IS FAKE. I was quite peed off.
    For 20 years I had been thinking I had a real peace of quality Millitaria, not to mention I paid 400.00 for them and the value had shot up.
    After a day or two you understand it's better to know if it is real or not.
    If you have time, please post some close ups and let the members put your mind at rest.
    Look forward to seeing your pics.

    Regards SK

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    I agree with Glenn - although the proof is not actually "in the pudding" ..... the "proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof" which means ( in this case ) the real proof is whether they stand up to collective scrutiny. As several 60+ year collector veterans have pointed out, fakes hit the market straight after the war as the demand rose.

    Sorry Glenn, wasn't trying to slag you, but our idioms need to be correct
    Cheers, Dan
    " Too many Florence Nightingales, not enough Robin Hoods. Too many halos not enough heroes, coming up with the goods "
    The Housemartins, "Flag day"

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    Idiom Nazi...

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    Perhaps in threads like this it might be polite to ask for more higher quality images to be posted before concerns are expressed about originality. The first reply cast doubts on some of the items and others followed suit, not the warmest welcome IMO and likely to drive people away.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    My intentions in my prior statements were certainly not to drive anyone away, especially a new member and I think I expressed my doubts in the most "sensitive" of ways. The fact remains that a few items are clearly not original. I've always been of the impression that the purpose of these fora were to inform the uninformed. When I first joined I too posted pictures of my collection immediately and was welcomed with several members comments such as, "some real, some fake" yet I am still here and am even better for it as now I don't retain fakes in my collection and have the basic knowledge to spot them.
    I do apologize, however if I upset the thread creator in anyway or caused the thread to go in a negative direction. Honestly I was only trying to help as so many have done for me in the past here.

    --- Anon, please don't interpret the above post as a aggressive rebuttal to your prior statement. It is simply how I feel and nothing more...thank you.

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    Seems like Sarge has legged it! Shame as he had an amazing collection with some great items


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    As I posted, just waiting for better pictures if they are forthcoming might be more polite before giving the poster the bad news, so at least when it is given it is certain and not merely speculation. As it stands the thread starter has not responded and might have already left, which if that is the case would be a shame IMO, especially when you consider his age, as someone who has been collecting for such a long time is likely to have some other items that we might otherwise not see. I notice he has posted a RK of the KVK in another thread, which is a very rare medal, just as an example of what we might miss if he decides to leave here.

    And YC, just because you were welcomed with you have fakes, it does not mean that that was polite then or now. IMO, which is all this is, letting people get their feet under the table before being given the bad news would perhaps be a better way to welcome new members. Obviously if people turn out to be trolls or BS artists they will soon be shown the door.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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