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Some of my stuff

Article about: Are all these firearms in working condition? Even if thay are not - a very nice private museum!

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    Are all these firearms in working condition? Even if thay are not - a very nice private museum!

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    Superb collection! I would particularly like a panzerfaust myself. I do have a nagging concern about that SS helmet though, any chance of a few pics of that up close?

    Great stuff!

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    Even a GESTAPO warrant disk... Impressive. What is the story on the P-38 shorty?

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    Nice collection.
    You seem to like the good old reliable US M1
    I like the quirky Mauser 34 too.

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    Quote by Frundsberg View Post
    Are all these firearms in working condition? Even if thay are not - a very nice private museum!
    He is n that last bastion of firearms freedom, the US - so I would imagine that ,yes with a high degree of probabillity.

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    Hello All:
    Thank you for all the complements on my museum!
    I will try to answer all your questions. Yes all of the firearms are in working condition. The ordinance is all Inert originals.
    The panzerfaust 60 came from a man that was in ordinance disposal and was deactvated by him while serving in the Army in WWII. Just fell into it during a conversation with him some years ago. It is all orginal and has some of the writing and original paint on it. He had it stored in his garage for years. The Short barreled P-38 and items in the box the P38 came from the same vet. I know "they were never made" according to the P38 Experts because They are not documented anywhere. And yes they were faked during the 50's and 60's. This one with the ID disc came from a Veteran That " Picked them up out of a desk in Western Germany as his squad was moving through the area." I have a document in the lid of the display box that was written by people at the Ft. Benning Army museum. The story goes that
    Individual Gestopo men would have these made "after hours". I have been a schooled gunsmith for 25 years and have seen fake cut down ones. and this one is not one of them. Most all were Walthers. I have learned in 25 years of being in the gun business that you never want to say something wasn't produced, beacuse it will walk through your door and haunt you. Well that's the story on that one. Sorry for ranting. Now the SS helmet. It is green inside with orginal paint. and no liner. The paint on the outside and rust was bothering me some 20 years ago the SS decal could hardly be seen. I had not been collecting that long, so dumb me had it repainted in the same color and redecaled. So thats the story of my SS helmet. I do love my M1 carbines. Been collecting them since I was 18. I sold off some of my carbine collection years ago and wish I hadn't. I will be posting more pictures as time will allow. Just got my secured room done about a month ago. It will be my private office in my home also. Or as we call it here in the US. my Man cave.

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    Absolutely stunning collection Sir.

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    I love the collection!! I'm working on my man cave as we speak and I'm taking some idea from your set up... I'm just missing a few M1's hah!

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    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! you really know how to display your items, you should charge admission for anyone that comes over to look at it! I know I would pay 20 bucks at least, just turn your back for 2 minutes before I leave and we can call it even haha, you think I could hide a panzerfaust under my shirt? lol

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    thank you Jerry.

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    I had the built in display cabinets custom made by a local Amish cabinet maker. I couldn't find anything I liked or would fit in the space I had. I had the LED lights and mirrors installed. The LED lights I had put on a light switch so I could turn them off if I wanted too and not turn off the room lights. Great work, but took him forever to build. These people work very reasonable if you can wait on them.

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