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Some new additions including a new headgear room, aka: "my office"

Article about: by CampX Doug, all I can say is WOW!!!!! Love the Canadian BDs!!!! Now I have a question for the bottom of one of your cases you have 2 mint unissued Tank or Truck decals for Canadia

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    Default Some new additions including a new headgear room, aka: "my office"

    Been buying a few things here and there and thought I would update the forum on some of my new additions to my collecting rooms. The astute observer will notice some changes to some uniform displays and displays in general if they know my other collection threads posted here in this section.

    I believe the sniper document and awards grouping to Josef Weissinger of IR135 and GR187 I have shown before but here it is again anyway. I believe it is the only sniper's Soldbuch that exists today.

    Attachment 703123

    A custom made badge cabinet to hold my WW2 Canadian cap badges and insignia. The sword is a copy of the sword that is on the Cross of Remembrance at the CWG, the maple leaf is an exact copy of the maple leaf that is carved into the Portland stone of the gravestones of the Canadian war dead, and the inscription is seen at most CWG and is of course by Rudyard Kipling. Those have made a big impression on me. The door also has 2 hinges which can be brought down to showcase one of the cases inside, in this case, it is all veteran bring back insignias from the FSSF Brigade.
    The cases are wooden cases I buy from Ruddles Mills and can be seen in all of my war rooms, as they make excellent pressure displays and are not harmful to the contents inside. I have another badge cabinet being constructed to house my WW1 CEF badge collection which is a complete collection of Battalion badges and near complete collection of Corps and Artillery badges.

    Attachment 703175

    Attachment 703176

    Attachment 703177

    Some of the insignia fell when I took the photo. Normally they lay flat of course, inside the cabinet.

    Attachment 703178

    An updated photo of my Wall o' Helmets. The astute observer familiar with the "wall" shall be able to identify what is new and what is gone. Gone are some duplicates and helmets which can be readily found. In are some of the more harder to find items I have been searching for and have managed to acquire over the past year or so.

    Attachment 703131

    And for those who cannot crack the riddle of the wall here are the new ones.

    Attachment 703152

    Attachment 703151

    Attachment 703150

    Attachment 703149

    Attachment 703148

    Attachment 703147

    Attachment 703146

    Attachment 703145

    Attachment 703144

    Attachment 703143

    Attachment 703142

    Attachment 703141

    Attachment 703140

    Attachment 703139

    Attachment 703138

    Attachment 703137

    Attachment 703136

    Attachment 703135

    Attachment 703134

    Attachment 703133

    Attachment 703153

    My Wall o Tunics in my Canadian War Room has been slightly altered with some new BD's.

    Attachment 703161

    Attachment 703167Attachment 703166Attachment 703165

    Attachment 703164

    Attachment 703163

    Attachment 703162

    My two favourite are Sgt Charles Man FSSF whom I have had the pleasure of speaking with and VIII Recce Major Feather whose footlocker was chock full of German bring backs including the SS flag you will see below, and a photo of him holding the flag when he "liberated' it in Amsterdam.

    Attachment 703174

    Attachment 703173

    Some other shots of my Canadian room, with a lot of new artifacts from both world wars.

    Attachment 703160

    Attachment 703172

    Attachment 703159

    Attachment 703158

    Attachment 703157

    Attachment 703156

    Attachment 703155

    Attachment 703154

    Attachment 703171

    Attachment 703170

    Attachment 703169

    Attachment 703168

    Some updated from my German War Room including some additions to SS insignia, SS marked field gear, all of it extremely hard to come by, and some changes to the displays.

    Attachment 703120

    Attachment 703119

    Attachment 703118

    Attachment 703132

    Attachment 703130

    Attachment 703129

    Attachment 703128

    Attachment 703127

    Attachment 703126

    Attachment 703125

    Attachment 703124

    Attachment 703121

    Attachment 703122

    Finally my "new" room which I call the Headgear room. It has a case with some eclectic headwear including Canadian Cold War, Korean War, and Afghan War, US Marine, 502/101st Abn, and a AAA0 US Infantry helmet, a selection of Japanese helmets including an Army, NLF, Tank and Paratrooper, a small Imperial display, and a selection of Canadian helmets from WW1 and 2 including a very very very VERY rare officers burlap helmet cover from the 2nd Infantry Works Coy, which would have had only 4 - 5 officers to begin with. Also a WW1 US 1st Inf Div helmet and a selection of WW2 Canadian tanker helmets and a super 49th Btn (Edmonton) CEF helmet, a match to the 2 others I know of.

    Attachment 703103

    Attachment 703104

    Attachment 703105

    My helmet "tree" which has a cross section of Cruise Brody helmets Mk's I and II, CEF Engineers helmet, a selection of netted WW2 Canadian Mk2's and Paratroop helmets, a Calgary Highlanders turtle DDay and 3rd Engineer Btn DDay helmet and a nice cross section of unit painted CEF helmets, my favourite being the LSH (Lord Strathcona Horse). Beside it sits a nice Soviet helmet, my only one.

    Attachment 703117

    Attachment 703116

    Attachment 703106

    Some of the decor...and please ignore the animal wallpaper....this room was my daughters....and it matches the Japanese rayed honour flag...I had the flag and the LHR1 and 2 lance flags professionally framed as well.

    Attachment 703115

    Attachment 703114

    Attachment 703113

    Attachment 703112

    Attachment 703111

    Attachment 703110

    Attachment 703109

    Attachment 703108

    Attachment 703107

    Finally my pickelhaube display, incomplete as I have another case coming and 4 more pieces that should be here this coming week. Tony of Kaiser's Bunker gets a huge shout out for all his help in assisting me with my learning curve on the Imperial side of the ledger.

    Attachment 703179

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    I think my heart stopped 2-3 times while looking in detail at those pictures

    Some new additions including a new headgear room, aka: "my office"

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    You've been a busy lad, Doug! I see that the "Spikes" have been multiplying lustily since last we saw. Some fine pieces-hard to focus on any one. I wonder, though, about the WWI helmets with the sniper plates on the front-has anyone ever said that they saved their life from a rifle shot? They must have been Hell on the neck with the extra weight. I do like the Casper the Friendly Ghost gas hood too. Not an easy item to find these days. So, have you contacted your architect about adding some more rooms on to your house or are you just figuring on buying an empty hotel to live in? At this rate, you may Need to! All I know is Someday....your Wife is going to have one Hell of an auction sale! lol A Lifetime to gather....and an Afternoon to scatter to the 4 Winds again....such is collecting, hey? Some great pieces, for sure! I can imagine what the rest of This year will turn up!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    It makes me happy to see so much of our important history is being taken care of in such a professional way as this.

    To call your treasures for a Great collection is not enough, i will rather call this for an absolutely one of a kind Great museum!!


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    Sorry guys, I hit Save before I was done editing the post and the order of things. Its now fixed.

    Hey William, yes I had 3 or 4 of them what seems like not so long ago. Now....nearing 50 of them and almost all of them are officers save a few under the Uberzug's and a Saxon private purchase to officer quality. When I get time I will post some in detail, and the detail is so beautiful on these artifacts it takes ones breath away.

    Those sturmpanzer are very heavy indeed, it is no wonder most of them were discarded. My good wife says that I am restricted to the 3 rooms I now have. We will see....we will see LOL. Thanks for the kind words guys.

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    Wonderful collection as always! timothy

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    Indeed - a wonderful and significant collection, impecably
    displayed. Congrats once again Doug.........!


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    I LOVE the animal wall paper, as for all that old military junk, it's a distraction from those beautiful creatures!!! Joking aside, you have made your collection look fantastic Doug, you certainly know how to display your great collection with style! Leon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Some new additions including a new headgear room, aka: "my office"  
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Fantastic collection Doug, you must love spending time in there with all this great gear!

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    I thought I had ran out of drool from seeing Ron's collection on GHW2 yesterday but I was wrong! Just amazing Doug. Such a superb collection.

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