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SS collection displayed

Article about: Moved into the new digs in June and I've have been slowly working on the office/war room. Here are a few photos of the main display which is mostly a SS focus. I've still got odds and ends o

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    Quote by MoparJW View Post
    Excellent displays, very well done

    I'm also a detolf fan, and I'm too lazy to clean my displays .

    I went to the hardware store for some window weatherstripping for my detolf.
    The thickest solid weatherstripping I could find that would close the gap, however on the hinge side I used a hollow compressible D-shaped weatherstrip, otherwise there would be issues with the door closing.

    It's a bit of a hassle to install, because you have to run the weatherstrip exactly alongside the door, and the potruding hinges without putting pressure on them, otherwise the door won't close or stay closed.

    The result: 100% dust proof, but the downside is that the weatherstripping obstructs the view somewhat in the corners.

    Attachment 881851
    Attachment 881852
    Attachment 881853

    On a side note, I've also seen people use foam type weatherstripping, which may work ever better...
    Ahh yes so that how we do it, mine just lets dust in and have to clean it every 2 months.
    That a good idea i will get some and try it, i don't mind the view being blocked a tiny bit as i prefer to keep dust off my items

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    Superb display, I understand your use of the cloth lining of the shelves but if you left it glass the light would shine nicely through all the way down to the bottom, looks amazing at night!! The dust is a pain with the cabinets esp if you have full carpeting in the house it kicks up like crazy, but it does give me a good reason to play with my goodies every month for a cleaning
    We should start a sticky thread titled detolf displays only :-)

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    My apartment is tiled so dust is totally not a problem!

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    takes months for any need to clean, you only get light dust but will i don't want any on my items,

    Surely everywhere gets dust, so do you not have to wipe dust build up from the back of your tele ect?

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    I don't have a telley, use a projector straight onto a wall. But no, dust isn't a problem.

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    so you don't have to clean anything down then to stop dust build up?

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    Here are some updated photos. New to the collection is the Allgemeine tunic. Removed the fabric on the shelving, added a couple hat stands (courtesy Skipper Greenwade), and a box for my numbered/ID'd daggers which previously weren't displayed. The hinged box the daggers are in is actually for a baseball bat and comes from Michael's.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS collection displayed   SS collection displayed  

    SS collection displayed   SS collection displayed  

    SS collection displayed   SS collection displayed  

    SS collection displayed   SS collection displayed  

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    Very VERY nice! It gives me inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow, love the tunic and the display overall!

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