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Are these items authentic and are their prices too high?

Article about: K98 bayonet. Cheap. Found from ground in Lapland.

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    Quote by youthcollector1 View Post
    SS tunic and the sculls are with out a doubt fakes. I would suggest a few other items are, too, but I'll let others comment.
    100e for that bayonet seems expensive to me.
    The bayonet isn't 100e, it's 50e max, may go lower if I try. Does the better condition bayonet seem okay?
    And what do you guys think about the ''smoking pipe''?

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    Soviet helmet is of cold war era, with very stupidly added so-called October-children badge - badge of soviet children organization for younger grades. Generally - its bullshit.

    Ground-dug k98 bayo is in bad condition, without scabbard and of very low value so - I would say some 10-20 euros as a souvenir.
    The other one bayo has damaged wooden part and its not a german at all - seems me like an export to Portugal. There is a lot of those bayos offered everywhere in good condition - I would pay nothing for this damaged one so.

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    The Totenkopf insignia's are typical fake's. You can notice that by the SS stamp in the back, non-existent RZM makers mark and those weird circular things around prongs.

    I can see that these items are from and being an Finn myself, I've bought from there too, but most items there are bad and just casual I'd say. Paying 80e for an Iron Cross in that shape is just ridiculous honestly. Never buy relics of usual items, that markets are full of.

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    Okay, that's what i thought about the pipe..

    And the other bayonet? In my eyes it seems to be in a better condition plus it has a scabbard. If he asks 40-50e for it, is it a bad price?'

    Edit: Thanks for your input!

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    Quote by Finnlander View Post
    And the other bayonet? In my eyes it seems to be in a better condition plus it has a scabbard. If he asks 40-50e for it, is it a bad price?
    Yes, it is bad deal.
    This bayonet could be easily bought for max 70 euros in good condition and so I canīt see any idea to buy this damaged one for 50 euros.

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