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War Room for 2013.....Have a look !!

Article about: Hello Gents Just a quick thread of my Kriegs Zimmer for 2013..The photos are a little mished mashed...But I have tried to show you some of the best angles of the War Room as it grows!!!..Enj

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    Thanks guys for the nice comments..Youthcollector the fieldblouse isn't real which is a shame but I like it all the same.. 1 of the first things I bought so it can stay there until I do get a real 1.. thanks for looking..

    Opex the War room only come about when we moved house.. it is meant to be a study!! Now seeing I don't study I had first dibs on that room....The wife has the

    Anzel the DKs are a tad pricey but I bought them when I was earning good money.. & I'm glad I did because I couldn't afford them now lol..but they are my favourite pieces... Cheers Terry.

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    terry im liking the scrim netting on the ceiling ,very effective ,i like the huge EK 1 mounted on the wall too ,the three Mutterkreuz are they 1st 2nd and third class issues ,the rc tiger tank looks superb i must get an example one day how long do the batteries last ,also the nice mp 40 besides ,id like to see more of your mg's and rifles in greater detail is that a bren i see ,cracking war room mate

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    Thanks James for the nice comments...The camo netting I stole from work here we have tonnes of the damn stuff.. So I got the Missus to measure the ceiling & I cut a bit off lol..The big EK1 cam from up north in German some monument was being taken down & that got saved. A friend in Holland bought so I got that off him..As for the Tiger it lasts around 4 hours with one charge..Which is more than enough time really....Its my first so I will up grading some soon...Yes I have a Bren,ZB30,MG53 & a MG 34.. thats my MG's..I really don't collect anything in an order I just buy what I can afford & like...So I'm never going to run out of ideas more likely to be money first!! lol..I will get all my weapons out & photpgraph them one day in the garden....Thanks again, working on that helmet too.. just need to get the keys to indoor range!! "thats where they are stored lol"... Cheers Terry.

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    great story behind the the ek its a real nice piece ,nothing that ive seen before ,crikey the tiger runs for a good time i must ask santa for one this xmas ,thanks for the info on the superb mg's is the 53 a yugo model

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    Yeah I think so without looking!!!..That what it says on the box for the Tiger when I read it...I haven't really drove it around for 4 hours non-stop as the Missus & girls would be on my case & I would to stop terrorising the dogs & shoot them instead!! lol....Cheers Terry.

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