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Wikings various!

Article about: Well it´s not much, but i thought i´ll show my small collection! Most of the stuff i just got here and there during the years, without any particular thought of it as a collection, just stuf

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    Default Wikings various!

    Well it´s not much, but i thought i´ll show my small collection! Most of the stuff i just got here and there during the years, without any particular thought of it as a collection, just stuff to keep really! I will post more pics later tonight, apparently my mobile camera didn´t want to save the ones i just took, just a few..

    First up is a M21, reissued during WW2. im not sure but i think the decals was introduced 1941. A common item but i like it!

    Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!

    Will take more pics of the other stuff later!

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    I like it too!..
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    Very Nice, Looking forward to seeing more stuff!!!
    Semper Fi

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    Nice M/21-18 helmet you got there, keep the pictures coming

    As far as I know, you are correct about the decals, they were added about 1941 to all helmets in service.

    Always nice to see what my Scandinavian brethren are hiding in their collections

    Here is mine M/21-18:
    Wikings various!
    Wikings various!
    Wikings various!

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    Glad you liked it! And my nordic neighbour, indeed Some more stuff:

    Swedish bajonett, i believe for Mauser, all i know is my father stole it when he was doing his services, around 68-69, he still talks about how big deal the missing item was, they never found out it was him that took it though hehe!

    Wikings various!Wikings various!

    Then some various items, not sure of what period some of the stuff are from, but what you see is instruction manuals for "Folkgasmask" , a direct translation would be "The peoples gasmask", issued to the public during the war. Also there is unopened antifog paste to the masks. The flashlight im not sure of how old it is, probably from the 60´s. There is a ammunitions case, most of the label gone but most likely for 7.62´s. The shells are both 7.62 and 5.56 cal, i think someone put them in my pocket when i was in the army The mag should be from AK4, but i think it fits a few other weapons too, not sure though. The horrible paintjob is my deed as a child, gonna remove it one of these days.. Theres a plastic tube there too, thats a modern camo makeup , my fault also. There is some ammo clips, can´t remember where i got those. Bottom left is a buckle i got just today, a good friend gave it to me, the buckle itself he made, originally just that piece of metal, then just for fun he added the symbol, i belive it´s from an officers hat in the Royal Life Guard, not sure. It was for free so it got included

    Wikings various!

    Here´s an old ammobelt, i think from the 30´s or 40´s, got it on a auction when i was 5 apparently, and i was very eager about getting it my folks told me hehe

    Wikings various!

    Empty shell, next to my replica helmets i use now and then on my Harley, the cops just loves it...

    Wikings various!

    Some patch, unknown origin.

    Wikings various!

    This gasmask bag was given to me today from the same guy i got the buckle from, probably from the 60´s, got a few more bags in different style somewhere. The gasmask is a new model, found it somewhere.

    Wikings various!Wikings various!

    Not really topic, but a print from 1931 of a painting showing the death of swedish king Gustav II, died in the battle of Lützen, we actually had these prints in school, beautiful things that aren´t in use anymore. I have a few though, one is visible in other pictures with a viking funeral.

    Wikings various!Wikings various!

    Banknotes from the Reich, followed by 2 A.H collect cards and one death card:

    Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!

    Then some of the gasmasks, a neighbour when i was a kid had thousands of these, all in unopened boxes, his father had bought a whole lot from the swedish defense ministry. It really was thousands, and us kids got as many as we wanted, this is the ones i have left though, we played with them and threw them away, and the guy who owned them apparently burned them all later, we took maybe 20 in total, the rest he burned, i wish i had saved more,

    Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!

    And finally some of the things i bought within the last 6 months:

    Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!

    There was more but some medals and such i sold already. I have a Kurland dug up helmet too, bought from an as far as i know serious guy, will post pics another time.
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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    Although the picture is missing, I think I know what bayonet it is.
    It is either the M/96 bayonet for the M/1896 "Karl Gustav" - The Swedish copy of the Mauser riffle, or the M/1914 for the M1894-14 carbine.
    Swedish Mauser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Svenska bajonetter under 1900-talet

    The cartridge belt:
    There is a couple of different cartridges belts our there, but some of the main differences are:
    The earliest betls, are without the shovel hook on the left hand side.
    The earliest belts are all stitched.
    The riveted cartridge belts are a "newer" version, and were used until the 1980's.
    The navy belts had only four pockets and no D-rings or utility hook (for the M/1906-12 shovel).
    The earliest belts had white "piping" around the pocket edges.
    The sides of the pockets are made of a cotton.
    There is an even older, and more elusive version - the M/1898 cartridge belt.
    Digitalt Museum - Ammunitionsgördel m/1898

    The patch could be home guard - hjemmevärnet. I need to take a closer look at some of my litterature and bookmarked pages. and the "new" gas mask, is the Skyddsmask M/51 - introduced in 1951. It is a licensed copy of the US M9A1 Combat Service Gas Mask made in Sweden.

    The ammunition "clips" is for the "Karl Gustav" Mauser. All the different models, and you are about right with the age on the flash light.
    Hope this was helpful

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    The bajonett pic is there now, ould be great to know what model! Of course it´s helpful, glad i can learn stuff about swedish history, from a danish lol I was promised to get a box full of clothes tomorrow, most likely M59 stuff, i have a whole bunch of that stuffed somewhere, but i hate to see it thrown away, and that will be the case if i dont pick it up, so my fiancé will once again see my "good to keep" side tomorrow, she gets so damn impressed every single time i bring home all kinds of "good to keep"

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    Hej Wiking,

    The bayonet is the second type M/96, with the bärläder M/96 B (short version)

    I know the feeling. I am perhaps keeping way to much "modern" militaria, but I hate to see it thrown away

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    Mangen tack! So i went to see this guy, got a huge pile of stuff, mostly M59 . What was more interesting was the guys german militaria collection, that was some good things, assuming it´s genuine of course. I promised him i would help him and post some pictures here to figure out what it could be worth.

    This is some of the things i got, some fun things!

    Wikings various!Wikings various!Wikings various!

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    Default Re: Wikings various!

    Ohh I spot some nice things, not so rare, but some very iconic things from the period.

    A M/1929 fältflaska

    An M/40 mess-tin, with the wind screen for the alcohol stove

    A M/37 helmet with M/41 decals.

    A ryggsäck M/39

    and some M/59 webbing among some M/59 uniform pieces I reckon

    The cartridge carrier you posted earlier, goes together with the ryggsäck M/39. The aluminium "hooks" at the end of the ryggsäck shoulder straps attaches to the aluminium "rings" on the cartridge belt in order to hold everything in place. Much like the German Y-straps. The Swedish army had y-straps for the cartridge belt, but they very rarely used them since the different backpacks and packs there was in service had them "build in" so to speak. Some nice equipment, of a very nice quality. They don't make things like that any more.
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