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Article about: Hey guys. Didn't know where this post should go, hope this is right. My Nana who was a ambo driver during WWII gave me these Woodbines saying she's had them since WWII. That was 20 years ago

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    I am not sure the packet shown is the wartime design. I think these are more likly 1950's or even 60's? I can remember that design from being a child in the 60's.

    Cheers, Ade.
    I agree with Ade.

    He is correct in the time frame for these. The package design is too modern
    for the WWII era.

    My father smoked most of his life, and I remember him telling me once that
    cigarettes were sold in packs of 5 for a nickel - a penny apiece. This is the
    first time I've seen a 'five-pack' ( unless 'Prince Albert' brand came in a
    tin of 5 or 10 during the Korean war. I've seen photos of these.)
    I do not know when this was changed over to
    20 smokes per pack...........

    Hang on to them - Don't smoke them !
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    I would never smoke them, they mean too much to me.
    They will be passed on to my kids and so on.

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