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WW1 German collection

Article about: Now I am only an amateur collector, any interesting information would be grateful. Hello! I'd like to show off my German WW1 collection! M17 Stahlhelm (Marked Bell L) GM-17 gas mask without

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    by member aircap1:
    I'm only doing it to preserve it for longer, and I don't plan on selling anything.
    I'm just wondering how high the prices might get
    You won't preserve the leather for longer. I guarantee that you'll only destroy the leather if you use it.

    I have a beautiful M17 camo helmet that I bought from an older retiring collector about 7-years ago. He acquired it from someone else many years ago who had treated the pads and chinstrap with some sort of "leather preservative" garbage product, probably neats foot oil, or pecards, or fiebings, or something related. Well, guess what???? The pads are all rotted and fell off from the metal head band long before I bought it from the older collector. And the once nice chinstrap is all crappy and oily and gooey. The person that originally thought they were "preserving" the leather in the helmet destroyed it, and actually de-valued the helmet by at least 30% or more compared to if they had just simply left the leather alone, in the original condition.

    Yes, go ahead and be head strong and stubborn, and use the so-called "leather preservative" crap on your leather, and see what happens to it in a few years... You'll find out that what I am saying is true...

    If you don't plan on selling anything, why would you wonder how high the prices may get?

    Many of our friends who collect 3rd Reich memorabilia have watched their prices tumble lower and lower over the past few years. Who knows where the prices will go on WW1 items in the future. I don't collect it for the investment aspect, I collect it for the enjoyment aspect.

    There are lots of older collectors in their 70's and even 80's age range of both 3rd Reich and Imperial German military items, some who have very large advanced, mind-boggling collections that I have seen in person, and some have smaller collections that they are starting to part with at the present time and in the next few years. It will be interesting to see what the prices do on these items.

    Best Regards,


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    That's quite an essay you got there.

    First off, I had no idea this is what happens, mostly since i've been seeing good reviews and recommendations for stuff older than the first world war.

    Second I was just saying I wanted to preserve it, i'm not being stubborn nor standing by the product. (I don't think Pecards would even sponsor itself through a 14 y/o kid that joined here not too long ago)

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    Good morning aircap1. I'm old, but I started collecting right about the age you are now. It's great to see young collectors in the hobby. I'm not thrilled to be getting old, but it's better than the alternative. :P

    The one advantage to my situation is that I have a ton of items that I have owned for 25-35 years. From observing my items today, I can tell you that due to proper storage, these items have not discernibly deteriorated since I bought them as a kid. Yeah, I've got minor flaking of the leather from some helmet liners. I've gotten tiny amounts of zinc pest on a couple badges. I've had to clean verdigris that developed on a few pieces of metal. But overall, my collection is 99% the condition each item was in when it came into my hands.

    Basically what I am telling you is very good news: Keep your items in good environmental conditions and they will last longer than everyone reading this post today.
    Former U.S. Army Tanker.
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    I can only agree with what's already been said.

    When I was 13 I bought a pre ww1 bayonet with nice leather scabbard.
    I carried it on scouting camp outs and used a commercial product on it
    that was supposed to waterproof and preserve leather boots. Today that
    scabbard looks like a piece of shriveled up beef jerky.
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    Your e-tool carrier is a WW1 bulgarian one.
    They were manufactured in Germany, but only for export to Bulgaria (together with austrian made "Bleckmann" shovels, often to see on ebay).
    Thats the reason why a lot of these carriers got nice german company markings.

    Best regards,

    PS: I hope it's ok to reply on a little bit older threads like this one.

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