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ww2 room

Article about: May I ask what the item is under the russian flag pole standard and the what I am assuming is a German Daimer flashlight . Regards Mark K

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    Default ww2 room

    hi folks just wanted to show updated pictures of my small but expanding collection hope you enjoy thanks col jamesww2 roomww2 roomww2 roomww2 roomww2 roomww2 roomww2 roomww2 roomww2 room
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    Very nice collection I see you are focusing on gas masks as well as helmets ie Russian,Canadian,British,American,Japonese and what would appear to be a french helmet on the far left in photo eight.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: ww2 room

    Its getting better and better, awesome.

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    thank you guys i quite like the look of the masks with the helmets but i did struggle to find a russian ww2 period mask so had to opt for a 1953 mask the civil defence armbands with warden helmet are post war also circa 1950's the Japanese type 90 and the french adrian both have civilian masks not sure why the mk3 turtle helmet has reminence of white paint ? could it of been red cross helmet i picked up a nice period bugarian type c m36 but i think the spanish modello z is post war although it has the leather liner and chinstrap ,im kind of running out of room now in my small loft especially now as ive started collecting cold war helmets thanks jamesww2 roomww2 room

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    Great looking display.....

    In the 1st and 5th photo I see a Soviet Flag End Piece (not sure the correct term for this item). Was wondering if anyone knew much about these, as far as collectable or value goes. I've walked passed one of this, a bit smaller in size, at a local shop my kid and I go to regularly and have paid it little mind. I think it had a $40 or $50 US price tag on it. Any thoughts?



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    Awesome stuff mate ! Love the way you have it all displayed ! What is the hand gun ? Also like the way e helmet is displayed on the grenade !

    Thanks for showing !

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    Default Re: ww2 room

    * german

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    Default Re: ww2 room

    hi russ the soviet flag pole standard top is a nice piece ,im not sure if its period ww2 or post war though im sure this type was manufactured long after the war and alex the thompson is a scratch built item that my father made years ago and the pistol is a none military issue 1911

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    Quote by col james View Post
    im kind of running out of room now in my small loft especially now as ive started collecting cold war helmets thanks james
    Very nice displaying, with so little space!!! Your collection is growing fast.


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    Default Re: ww2 room

    I Really like the window box display units. They look Great-especially with the white stone in them. William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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