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WWII Indian Army medal groups

Article about: As this is one of the core areas in my collecting interests, I thought I might share some groups (and maybe a few singles) here. The collecting of Indian Army WWII medals is especially inter

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    Default Re: WWII Indian Army medal groups

    Hi Ed, these are all really great! What I enjoy most is reading the citations which really brings things to life.

    The photo of the soldier as a young and old man is a nice touch. As usual, he typified the smart turnout of any Indian Army senior NCO.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Sub-Lieutenant (SD) (TAS) Anant Ram, NM, Indian Navy

    A rather "salty" group.

    Nao Sena Medal - "SUB. LT. (SD) (TAS) ANANT RAM. I.N. – 1966" - Not. No. 23-Pres./66 of 26 January 1966 (GoI 19 Feb 66 p. 153):

    Some garbage creeps in here? Forum deviant behavior?

    Sub-Lieutanant Anant Ram has rendered vital diving assistance at national projects and naval tasks since 1961. In September 1964, when a Piper Cub aircraft, belonging to the Bombay Flying Club, crashed while on a flight from Bombay to Ahmedabad, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram with a diving team went to search for the aircraft. In spite of a rough sea and swift current and very deep water, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram decided to undertake the operation and continued the search of a wide area until it was called off as it was evident the aircraft had sunk in deep mud.

    In November 1964, at the request of the Gujarat Electricity Board, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram worked with a diving team for the removal of a steel coffer-dam in the river Mahi which was blocking the flow of water into the pump-house of a new power station in Khaira District. The task became very difficult and risky because of the high tide, continuous silting, deep mud and complete darkness due to muddy water. Despite all these hazards Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram led his diving team and successfully conducted the operations of cutting the coffer dam 8 feet below the datum.

    Throughout, Sub-Lieutenant Anant Ram displayed exemplary courage, professional skill and devotion to duty which was in the best traditions of the Indian Navy.
    The General Service Medal, 1947 - GOA 1961 - "SUB-LT (<acronym title="single decal German steel helmet"><acronym title="single decal German steel helmet"><acronym title="single decal German steel helmet"><acronym title="single decal German steel helmet">SD</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym>) (TAS) A. RAM, I. N." - Nine ships of the Indian navy (Vikrant, Mysore, Delhi, Rajput, Trishul, Beas, Betwa, Khukri, and Kuthar.

    Raksha Medal, 1965 - "SUB-LT. (<acronym title="single decal German steel helmet"><acronym title="single decal German steel helmet"><acronym title="single decal German steel helmet"><acronym title="single decal German steel helmet">SD</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym>) (TAS) ANANT RAM, I. N."

    Twenty Years Long Service Medal - "B18598 LT (SDTAS) A. RAM, I. N."

    The WWII medals are unnamed. I suspect he was merchant navy. The Africa Star shows trace of clasp on ribbon, and the group came with with a "NORTH AFRICA 1942-43" clasp. This is one reason I have kept the original mounting.
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    V-75 Colonel Karam Singh, Staff (Remount Veterinary Corps)

    born 18 January 1918
    WWII (?) entered service, rising to Risaldar (V-673)
    2nd Lt (Emergency) - 13 March 1944 (VL-198)
    W. S. Captain - 13 November 1946
    September 1952 - Veterinary Officer of a Division
    November 1957 - Veterinary Officer, Mill Farm, Kanpur
    early 1960s (?) transferred to regular commission (V-75)
    Still serving 1972
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    I.O. 9577 Subadar Jagtasing Gurung, IDSM, 1/5 & 3/5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (FF)

    Mis-mounted – thanks to idiocy of the previous custodian and Spink – with Independence Medal at the rear. It should be at the front. But the mounting is so pretty I have to break it down and re-mount.

    Enrolled 1 December 1924
    Jemadar 1 October 1940
    W. S. Subadar
    By October 1946 with Regimental Centre
    SS 14304 Lt. in 5th Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force) – commission 8 December 1947 – date of rank 8 December 1947

    Indian Independence Medal, 1947 - unnamed

    Indian Distinguished Service Medal, George VI - "JEMDR. JAGTASING GURUNG, 1-5 R.G.R." - Jagtasing Gurung was awarded the IDSM per notification of award that appeared in the London Gazette, on 11/5/1944, in recognition of 'Gallant and Distinguished Services in Italy. The official recommendation was for the award of the Indian Order of Merit (IOM) but this was downgraded to an immediate award of the IDSM. The recommendation for the IDSM is quoted below;

    Near St.NICOLA on 3 JAN 44, at 0900 hrs, this Gurkha officer was in Comd of a Pl, 20 strong, ordered to attack a group of houses on the far side of a steep valley.

    On reaching the bottom of the valley heavy enemy M.G. fire was opened from both flanks causing numerous casualties.

    Although withdrawal was possible, JEM. JAGTASING by personal example and leadership infiltrated this Pl, now only 12 strong, forward to the far side of the enemy under continuous fire to within 50 yards of the houses.
    "He held this position in the face of numerous determined counter-attacks throughout the hours of daylight. By midday ammunition was running short, he pooled it for firing under his orders and prepared to hold his position with bayonets if necessary. "Having received ammunition after dark, he resumed the offensive and captured his objective.

    The personal courage, unflinching determination and leadership displayed by Jem JAGTASING GURUNG was entirely responsible for the success of the operation.
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    A few singles and then enough for now.

    L/Havildar War Sub. Naik Santa Singh, IDSM, 1/1st Punjab Regiment

    Indian Distinguished Service Medal, George VI - "9744 NK (L-HAV) SANTA SINGH, 1-1 PUNJAB R"

    Assam-Burma Frontier 16 Aug to 15 Nov 1944

    During the recent operations on the TIDDIM Road Hav. Santa Singh has shown outstanding initiative and personal bravery which has been an inspiration to all ranks.

    On 5th Sep 44 around M.S.109 TIDDIM Road a Japanese sniper was located near 'A' Coy H.Q. Hav. Santa Singh took out a section which he disposed so that the Jap could not escape and personally stalked, wounded, disarmed and captured the Jap.

    On Oct 9th near the village of TUIBIAL, East of KENNEDY PEAK, the patrol which he was commanding having reached its objective was digging in when the position was counter attacked by 15 Japs. Although heavily outnumbered, his patrol beat off the attack. Hav. SANTA SINGH personally killed one of the enemy with his bayonet and wounded a second. Later the bodies of four more Japs were found near the post. As a result of this action the company were able to consolidate on the feature and cut the Jap supply route to KENNEDY PEAK.

    On Oct 31st his platoon ambushed a party of Japs on the DOLLOUANG-PIMPI track, Hav. SANTA SINGH himself killed two Japs in the ambush.
    "The fine aggressive spirit of this N.C.O. throughout the campaign has been an inspiration to all ranks and has been an inspiration to all ranks and has done much to maintain the very high fighting spirit in his company.
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    Technically not Indian Army, but close enough?

    No. 61314, Havildar-Major (acting) Sa Baw Gam, BGM, The Burma Regiment

    Burma Gallantry Medal, George VI - "61314 A/HAVILDAR-MAJOR SA BAW GAM. THE BURMA REGT." London Gazette, 19 July 1945, p. 3719, "in the field": "No. 61314, Havildar-Major (acting) Sa Baw Gam, The Burma Regiment". Citation, from WO 373/98/487:

    During the period October 1942 to April 1944, this soldier carried out many months continuous and volunteer patrolling in Japanese occupied territory as much as 150 miles in advance of our troops. For six months he was senior NCO of the patrol, and owing to his knowledge of Burmese was the one mainly employed in plain clothes for contacting villagers. Working in conditions of extreme physical and nervous strain, he carried out these duties even when the patrol was being closely pursued and he was under nervous tension amounting almost to terror. He was one of the patrol which was accompanied to INDAW in November 1943 by an R.E. Lt.Colonel (who was awarded an immediate D.S.O. for the visit) and which stayed on patrol around that area for 4 months after the Lt.Col.'s return to the British lines.
    According to other information with the medal (apparently from an interview with his wife?), he escaped from Burma by boat in August 1942, being at sea with no food for eight days before reaching Calcutta. He was there enlisted in (Z) Force and received gas, parachute, and intelligence training. He returned to Burma on several occasions (sometimes by parachute) and worked behind Japanese lines. After WWII he joined the 3rd Kachin Rifles and rose to the rank of 2/Lt. He retired and died in February 1992.

    The two selections that accompanied it:

    . . . this B.G.M. medal. He attended for 6 months training at Pyanbwe. The Japs entered Myanmar [Burma] in 1942 and to prevent them from bombing the British Force, They burnt the huts in Yangon [Rangoon] and were protected by the smoke. They fled to India by boat in 1942 on the 3rd of August from Ayriam harbor and arrived at Calcutta, starving for 8 days. At Deradon [Dehra Dun?] a (Z) force was organised and 20 members including my husband attended a Gas training, the Parachute training and intelligence education.

    After they entered Myanmar [Burma] with Major Caston and Capt., Webster’s orders to investigate the Japsn on the 1st Wingate Troop. So they were able to give exact information on the Japs from Homelin, Kyauk koye, Chang wa, Hakatta, Nawng Po Aung, Sinna maung, Tong magyine, Pamawk, Pyinbone, Mansi and Indawgailay to the G.H.Q. My husband landed by a parachute from a plane and investigated the Japs along the Chindwin River for 7 times and floated like a log for 3 hrs every night losing sleep and strength. That is why he has kept his B.G.M. medal for [50] years because he had to risk his life for it.

    Drier history of his.

    Name – Sabaw Gam, Rank – Havildar, Service No. – 61314 (5740), Date Enlisted 1940, Date Discharged – 1945.

    He joined Burma Frontier Force in Bhamo in 1940. In 1941 Japan invaded Burma and bombing from the air everywhere in Rangoon. Some parts of Rangoon are burnt. He returned to India by ship at night. Some ships were destroyed by the Japanese.

    In India, Daradon [Dehra Dun?] Town courageous and healthy men are chosen to form (Z) Force. Major Castan ordered them to serve as intelligence for military. Sabaw Gam was included in the (Z) Force. He attended Parachute one month training in Poona. Then he returned to Burma through Homalin. His duty was enquite to Chyak Chyo, Chaung Wa, Naung Po Aung, Sin Na Mawng, Ton Ma Kyiang, Ban Mauk, Pyin Bone, Man Si, Indaw Lay Village. They enquired about the movement and number of soldiers of Japanese and reported to [G.H.Q.] daily. He reported 4 times before 1st Win Gate troops entered Burma. Because Sanaw Gam enquired well he was rendered the B.G.M. medal and was promoted to Havildar. His officers were Major Coston, Captain Wester, Subadar Zau Gawng, Subedar Kareng La Roi. After World War II he joined the 3rd Kachin Rifles, his rank rose to 2nd Lt. He retired. He died on 13-2-1992.
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    208 Havildar Sher Singh, MM, Nabha Akal Infantry

    Recommended for I.D.S.M. => D.C.M. => M.M.

    On 30 Nov [1944] this NOC's pl was ordered to attack CASA PASA during the operations at ALBERETO. During the assault the pl comd became a casualty & Hav SHER SINGH took over command. He personally led the assault which captured the objective. Whilst clearing the position of enemy snipers & stragglers, Hav SHER SINGH discovered that a group of houses at FABRERIA on his left ws held by the enemy. On his own initiative this NCO organised an assault upon FABRERIA which was carried out at such speed that the enemy was taken unawares & fled. Hav SHER SINGH chased the running Germans & single handed succeeded in killing four. His personal bravery contributed materially to the success gained by his company during the day.
    Also granted a Rs. 2500 reward by the Nabha Durbar.
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    Lascar Laxman Nama, BEM, Royal Indian Navy

    Awarded for gallantry in the Bombay docks explosion (sabotage?) in February 1944. Six BEMs (plus 4 MBEs to European officers) for this explosion.

    Laxman Nama was one of a working party under the orders of the Commander H.I.M.S. Akbar. He worked untiringly and with complete disregard to his own personal safety in retrieving ammuntion from an ammunition store, itself beginning to burn and but a few yards from the main fire. On another occasion he fought fires in a burning oil dump while the oil was being salvaged.
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    Default Re: WWII Indian Army medal groups

    Enough for now?

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    Default Re: WWII Indian Army medal groups

    These are fantastic! Thanks very much for sharing them.

    When ever you are ready please post some more.

    Cheers, Ade.

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