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"pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

Article about: Ben, Correct... but to what Bill provided as his initial rational (which I think was plausible and now seems somewhat debunked as he stated), I too question why Frank would use their early t

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    Default "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

    This is perhaps an interesting DAF-Werkschar buckle and I think that the odd publication shows the Franke example. Here we have Overhoff. It has been suggested that the buckle is pre RZM, however obviously not so.

    I do not think (correct me if I am wrong), that anyone knows anything about this quite remarkable buckle.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle   "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle  

    "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle  

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    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

    no, I don't think anybody has details for this great buckle.
    Hard to get buckle and really desireable.

    I think it is just a variant.


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    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

    David, thanks for showing this buckle, very rare and very desirable

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    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

    Aye Caramba!! Great buckle for sure. I have never had the opportunity to see one in hand. These must be very hard to find!! Looks awesome. I've thought of considering this a prototype buckle - but then I wonder if it would have gone through RZM if it was never really used by the DAF.....I dunno. What I do know is that you have a striking example! Thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

    Does anybody have an image of the more common Dr. Franke example that they may post ?



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    p38 is offline

    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

    david , where do you find your buckles ??

    super ! and with MM !!

    thank you to share


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    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle


    A very, very rare buckle. Never have seen the Overhoff before, only the Frank produced one which I once owned and now resides in Marc's collection. I was alway under the assumption that this was a prototype only produced by Frank. Obviously your Overhoff knocks that theory out. I have only seen three of these in all my years of collecting and they were all Frank made and in like new condition. Your Overhoff looks near mint as well. Personally I do not think these were ever issued and were only produced for competion for design acceptance.

    Very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle


    just for design competition - thats a good point, I can follow you.

    Thanks for this.


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    Dan D

    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle


    I echo everyone on this being not only a beautiful buckle but a rare one indeed. I do not have a Frank in my collection; only the Assmann, Linden, and Cramer.

    Not having the pemission to show this buckle, I will post a portion of the reverse of another collectors pebbled Werkschar showing the maker mark - can you identify it?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle  

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    Default Re: "pebbled" DAF-Werkschar buckle

    That is the early marking for Dr Franke & Cie

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