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Selection of N.S.B.O.

Article about: I do not think that the NSBO buckle is particularly sought after or popular within the collecting fraternity, although having said that, there are some quite interesting, unusual and strikin

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    Great selection of buckles there Dan! Thanks for showing!


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    You All have great N S B o buckles in collections.

    I like a design of this buckles.

    David this buckle with "factory" is very interesting.

    I'm still waitnig for nice NSBO buckles for my collection.

    check my photo this guy is waiting for more N S B O buckles to see, he is wearing one but hard to say what model


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    As before and when time permits, the Forum would warmly welcome the opportunity of seeing your NSBO buckles individually, by obverse and reverse detail.


    Super cap, however we are assuming that this fellow wears an NSBO buckle. A great pity that we cannot take a closer look !!



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    great selection of many buckles,,,they all look so clean,,,what was used to get them to that condition?,,,

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    To clean or not to clean - is a very difficult decision !

    These brass and nickle silver buckles were sold and worn as shiny clean. It would be quite unthinkable during the period for the man to wear the buckle in a dirty and soiled condition and in fact, it would probably result in disciplinary action.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why some collectors regard post 1945 detritus, grime and dirt as a historically important "patina". It is not a patina. In my opinion, this post 1945 dirt possibly degrades and insults the buckle, although having said that, I would never touch a painted, lacquered or washed finish, as this is definitely detracting from the original.

    All subjective and personal of course and as said, to clean or not to clean is a very difficult decision.



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    I must agree - hard question.
    For me, I am always happy, if I find them in a cleaned condition, but if the come uncleaned, I always have a problem to polish them.
    Best is always, havin a one clean, nice and shiny ....and another one with patina

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