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3D Gallery of German Daggers

Article about: 3D-NSKK High Leader Dagger Hello from Russia! ! ! I made this 3D - model for your pleasure. I hope it it will be pleasant to you.

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    3D SS prototype dagger

    3D Gallery of German Daggers

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    Circuit advertisement 3D Gallery of German Daggers
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    Hello Vlad, nice work! This is a good thread. I would suggest putting your name and copy right symbol on all your renderings you post.

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    As have already been mentioned, these can easily be removed.

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    A bit more difficult if it's done properly, the work is very nice and should be protected.

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    I agree the work is quite excellent...but putting a copyright on images that these daggers...were used as 3D models... must belong to some collectors would not be a good idea. These daggers came from somewhere..for Vlad to create the 3D images of color and clarity. They were not created from nothing...but from something. Unless Vlad can give credit to all who owned these daggers..and post it as such..then maybe not an issue at least not presently.

    I have already discussed this with Vlad..concerning some of these images. Regards Larry
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    Interesting aspect that I hadnt pondered.

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    Yeah, I'm a professional 3D modeler and I can see that these textures are not made by hand but rather taken from photographs of original daggers/awards.

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    Quote by kirederf7 View Post
    Yeah, I'm a professional 3D modeler
    And I am not professional 3D modeler. I am the former police officer.
    I do 3D - models for the and your pleasure.
    I in addition use many textures after processing in Photoshop. For example the latest work contains 14 various textures. And each texture is imposed separately and has the properties and the settings.
    In general I so understand that it is a forum of collectors. I am not professional 3D modeler.

    P.S.and it is possible to see your works of professional 3D modeler?

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    Yeah sure, but all these texture started with photographs right? That's something I noticed right away.
    Here's some of my work, I am focusing on game design right now though. I do like your models by the way, they have that old school look.

    3D Gallery of German Daggers3D Gallery of German Daggers3D Gallery of German Daggers3D Gallery of German Daggers3D Gallery of German Daggers

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