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4 daggers.. good?

Article about: 3 first daggers are definitely bad

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    Default 4 daggers.. good?

    im new here so hello to every one
    im starting witch collecting daggers so i would like to ask fod some help becouse i dont have any friends who can help me witch opinion:/
    are thouse good one and how much i schould pay?
    sorry for my english




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    Circuit advertisement 4 daggers.. good?
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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    From these photos Heer dagger looks ok to me - unmarked B generic type, but i still want to see more photos. so i can be 100% sure.

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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    heer looks good for me too but im worried about rest of them...
    thanks for help

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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    but what do you think about first and second one?

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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    Other daggers are just not my area, I don t not want to speculate,and give you the wrong information.


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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    Save your money, I am not keen on any although the army dagger MAY be ok, need better pictures. The likelihood is that all are bad.

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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    The Arrarat water mark belongs to an Auction house,,which I have seen many fakes come out of. These daggers IMO are parts daggers some repro and some not. The Forestry dagger stands a good chance,, but not too sure. The RLB ..which is supposed to be the first model...has a crossguard seen on eastern European fakes is. ,, the Eickhorn logo on the Teno is more starved than normal. Although this variant is considered the "rat logo".,,it is far less than a rat...its pretty much out of breath and dead! The font size in "solingen" is shorter than normal and should span the length from the "c" in Eickhorn to the letter "n".
    IMO these are not good examples. The watermarked name tells alot more than the photos IMO. Not sure of the Army dagger as member Degens said but more photos would be appreciated. Regards Larry

    Below are 2 photos of the Eickhorn logo..The top photo yours and the bottom a gdc file photo,,, the difference can be seen in the etch and font style. The Ges. Getch shows a stark contrast in detail compared to each other. the Teno you posted from that website lacks any detail.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 4 daggers.. good?   4 daggers.. good?  

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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    i dont like the stamp letters "5678" . the design is not from that time .....the number 5..6..7..8.. makes me wonder...

    imo , all daggers are after 45 .

    cheers t.

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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    Larry,the Forestry dagger is fake for sure same as the TENO and RLB.


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    Default Re: 4 daggers.. good?

    Some advice. If you are a new comer to collecting I would stick to a very reputable dealer.Check at can't go wrong there.

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