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Care for your collection

Article about: Wow, what a brilliant thread, thanks Sam for starting it, I have learnt a lot! I'll be buying myself some of that wax for sure, I only have the one dagger but I want it looked after properly

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    Do you know how to tell if a pearl is real? drop it in a cup of vinegar it will dissolve.I heard of someone who did this.

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    I ask the question because I had a good friend that wiped down his AR 15 with gun oil and leave a small amount behind. He rarely shot it during the winter so when summer time rolled around he found rust spots on the barrel. I was told that oil attracts moisture from the air......which was his humidifier in his bedroom!

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    I agree with Ade, Ren wax on the blades and fittings. I personally would not use it on medals.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Thanks all for the input! I will post some photos of my small collection over the weekend. It is growing thanks to some folks from this forum which I greatly appreciate!!


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    To preserve wood grips I use a product called "Minwax" which is a wood table top wax, and can be found in local hardware stores or home centers. There are also equivalent wood waxes also that can be used. It restores some of the nutrients lost to cold winters and hot summers in someones attic. it also preserves and seals the wood for a good period. Some people use Renwax to preserve their grips also,, but be careful of this.....If you rub too hard when buffing you will have an unwanted and very shiny grip that will not look period at all. This is optional and is not necessary for wood grips. Owners preference!! On a few of my SAs I have treated my grips with Minwax with alight coating of Renwax,, which I lightly buffed. The main goal of protection and preservation is to keep it looking period without the high gloss super squeeky clean shiny look......( wow that was a mouthful ). Simichrome of course on the blade and be careful not to rub out any remaining burnishing in your mottoes. STAY AWAY FROM OIL Adrian is right!! on the greying issue for one....but on an accumulation of dirt and dust over time turns to crud and lays on your brass runners in your scabbard. This is what causes your runner marks and some spotting where the high points of the runners rest on your blade when in the scabbard. Cleaning runners is a whole other issue that is for those who have patience and mechanical know-how. Its not that easy if you are fumble fingers.
    Having a piece of history from this time period is honorable and must be treated as such. There is alot to learn and teach about this period in time and we have been given the opportunity in ownership to do just that. I tell people not only do I have an SA or an SS dagger but I have a peice of history with soul. Anyone can have a dagger and not teach anything about it,,( thats without soul) but to have a dagger and teach about it brings the identity of the owner of the dagger a little closer,, by maker logo and gruppe mark where this persons Gau district he was serving. This is what is great about this hobby. Regards Larry

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    I am trying to decide oh how much to buy. "a little bit goes a long way i hear" so should i buy the 65ml can or the 200ml can? one side of my brain is telling me $10 more (which is a small price to pay and don't mind paying to preserve something) and i get 135ml more, but the other side of my brain says why buy more if i don't think i will ever use it stupid decision i know haha but i am the type who only likes to buy what i will need/use. what size can did everyone else buy?

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    Where do you find that wax?

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    To Jayman and Bobby , you can find RenWax on ebay and it will cost about $17 US for the 65ml,,I have only used 1/8th of the can and it has so far protected 12 of my SA daggers,, yes a little goes along way! Attached is a photo of the size of a Renwax 65ml can up against a scabbard runner for an SA unfortunately it is the only size photo i have. Renwax is a great investment in long term protection. I apply it to all of my blades and some scabbards if needed.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Care for your collection  

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    good tips from all of the above i use renwax on all my daggers aswell
    as for the cost of it, it's cheap!! i always think how much would it cost you if a blade got ruined thru not using wax

    cheers Ronnie

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    i just ordered some off Amazon.

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