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Article about: can anyone tell me what the first dagger is?and the value if any?thanks

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    Default dagger??

    can anyone tell me what the first dagger is?and the value if any?thanks
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    Circuit advertisement dagger??
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    Default Re: dagger??

    I'm not an expert on daggers at all, but I'd have to say that its some kind of fantasy piece, just the overall look of it doesnt look military to me..... but what do i know? Maybe close up pictures could help? The bayonets look nice though



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    Default Re: dagger??

    thanks! what do the bayonets go for ?cant post any pictures as these are at an astate aution tommorow,,thanks for the help i can see them inperson tommorow i will see if there is any maker mark on the fantsy dagger?pammy

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    Default Re: dagger??

    Hi Pammy !

    The first one looks like it was probably made in India as a 'curio' or
    ornamental knife - not military, but if you can handle it for yourself,
    you should be able to see if it is of any quality - I doubt it is though !

    The other 3 bayonets are common types and in rather rough shape.
    I think they are for some forms of Mauser rifles, but not Germany.
    $ 20. each ?

    Regards, Steve.

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    Default Re: dagger??

    hi thanks,iam going up tommorow and check them out,as i will leave a absent tee bid on them since they go off so late a night i might get lucky and get them?check out the medls /pins on the forum i posted 3 pins/badgs that are at the state sale also i like the nasdap tinnie i will try to get them realy not to interested in the other two as i have them already somewere?thanks again ...

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    Default Re: dagger??

    As noted, the first is either Indian junk, or some priceless antique. I vote former.

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    Default Re: dagger??

    thanks guys,i will check it out and bring my camera so i can post better pictures of it,it might be junk but there is always that chance so iam close enugh to check them out..

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    Default Re: dagger??

    Quote by drdata View Post
    As noted, the first is either Indian junk, or some priceless antique. I vote former.
    Ha !

    I didn't want to be quite as descriptive, but my thinking exactly ! !

    Regards, Steve.

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    Default Re: dagger??

    thanks for the help,i think i will just bid on the three pins/badgs theY have but i still will take some better pictures as if it was junk ,junk they usualy dont but that kind of stuff in the glass were you have to ask to look at it?but you guys are probly right on ,,as sometimes they dont now what they are doing because one time they had a real nice luft helmet that they just left on one of the so called junk tables and when it brang over $400 they sertainly thought twice abought what they did as they are supose to be the experts!ok guys thank you and will post the fatasy peice tommorow when i can look at it in hand...realy thank you all for the help as i just love going to the astate sale every friday..7 years ago my ex bought a mountan troops rifle he paid $1000 FOR IT AND SAID THAT WAS A GREAT DEAL AS IAM SQEZING HIS ARM BUT LATTER ON HE SHOWED ME BACK THEN THEY WERE GOING FOR $3000 NOT SURE AS TO THE PRICE NOW,BUT I JUST ENJOY IT AS IT GIVES ME SOMETHING TO DO,,OH I THINK IT WAS A G44??I COULD BE WRONG,,,YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT AND TALK TO YOU GUYS TOMMMOROW!!PAMMY

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    Default Re: dagger??


    The bayonets are:-

    1) Turkish

    2) Yugoslav

    3) Turkish

    The Turkish ones are possibly conversions of older bayonets - this was widely done in the 1930s

    None of them are worth very much money - lots of them around.



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