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Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

Article about: @ pierre N how did you get that?!? thats awesome

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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    Just to again confirm, i have put all the details i currently have on him......................and he obviously has many others so he can continue screwing us as much and as often as he sees fit.

    How do we stop this crook. He has/is screwing a significant number of us.

    I have emails, home,bank info. Presumably so do others. Can we not collate all this info and give it to the relevant Authorities.

    Come on............some ideas to stop this mother f****r are long overdue !!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Its sad to see how this thread has progressed. I hate to see so many people being scammed by the TRUE Nowak. I will not get into the side discussion as it is none of my buisness. I just know being in Law Enforcement that a guy that is good at what he does like this guy may never be caught. Thats just how it goes. The best thing out there is to spread the word and keep people informed. I set up at local gun shows here in Houston Texas and tell people who collect about these forums. There are still dealers at these shows who are taking people that are twice my age. In this day there is no reason for this. The best thing any and all of us can do to fight someone like Nowak is to spread knowledge. I firmly believe and preach this. Happy collecting to you all.



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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    I would tell him to send the items on approval. See what he says then.

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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    This individual Pawel Nowak got me for 600 Euros some two years ago for a Kreigsmarine dagger which never arrived, he also stopped contact. Surely there is some legal way to get this cheap crook, I believe it's his correct name and on his email address is his date of birth I would think.

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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    Got a mail from him this morning :-D

    Heres my answer...

    Dear Mr. Nowak

    This sounds very interesting.

    Do you have pictures and prices for me?

    Im collecting daggers and would like to buy ss and sa

    I also need a npea-dagger in my collection but i guess you wont have such a special dagger at hand?

    Let me have a look


    Any ideas on how i should respond.
    Should i try to lure info on him?

    Must admit i'd like just 5 min. alone with this bast**d

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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    get an address so we could find him and hunt him down like the little fu*k he is


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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    Well after being ripped off for thousands, I think the only way to put this piece of s&*t out of business is to deal only in face to face transactions. That is what I do now and I personally think it is more fun anyway. Getting to meet fellow collectors and talking about our hobby is a great way to spend an afternoon, and besides if the seller tries to rip you off, well he is standing in fists distance.
    As for Nowak I am down to day dreaming about what I would do to him, every second week now.

    Iain King

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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    I've allready tried to make him meet up with me, bout a year ago. I suggested we meet at the polish border and i offered to pay his expenses back and forth going there but he stopped contact.

    Anyone tried to contact his local lawenforcement?

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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    Amazing...He has got a npea and only wants 500 for it :-D

    some 30 pics and loads of 200 hj's and 500 ss

    Also gave me the story bout the diving and his "friends" at this and this museum.

    I'll see what i can do to him

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    Default Re: Fake Dealer Back Pawel Nowak

    tell him you will mail money using post that way we all no where he lives


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