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Feuerschutz Poleizi-Used Dress Bayonet?

Article about: Name: DSC04632.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 188.8 KB  ID: 1005099 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> This weekend I purchased these three blades, two of which are German. (The kn

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    Default Feuerschutz Poleizi-Used Dress Bayonet?

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Name:	DSC04632.jpg 
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    This weekend I purchased these three blades, two of which are German. (The knife is an American-made and marked Civil War-era amputation knife known as a catling.) The dress bayonet is the best of the three and came pretty much as you see it, except that the knot or troddel had been undone and incorrectly looped around the frog. I thought this was incorrect but interesting when I bought it but now think this may be in fact "right". The bayonet itself is a typical unmarked dress bayonet in beautiful sound shape; unfortunately the scabbard had been allowed to rust pretty severely, though a good bit of that came off with a good rubbing with oil.

    The frog is stiff but not dried out completely, although I'd be reluctant to try to remove it lest it split or crack; I thing it's been there a LONG time. It's a smooth brown leather, slightly chipped at the hole for the frog stud. I thought the troddel was more a sword-knot from it being leather and its construction like I've seen on pictures of them on Feuerschutz Poleizi swords, but once I removed it and re-wrapped it, it went right into place also indicative of a long time spent so wrapped. Any thoughts would be welcome!

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    Hi James,

    The dress bayonet you show isn't a Feuerwehr bayonet, it is a standard KS98 seitengewehr for Army or Luftwaffe troops. A Feuerwehr bayonet would have an "S" shaped crossguard, also referred to as a "recurved" crossguard.

    The knot attached is indeed a Feuerwehr knot for lower grade personnel. I suspect it's possible a vet or collector placed it on the frog.

    The frog appears brown & would be correct for Luftwaffe personnel. That said, I've purchased plenty (40-50) fire bayonets over the years that actually had brown frogs attached, in contradiction to Feuerwehr regulations which called for a black patent leather suspension frog. My suspicion is that either the frog & knot go together or the frog & bayonet with something being added at some time. Whatever the case, the rig as is, is technically incorrect.

    Feuerwehr knots are always in demand & this one is in decent condition.

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