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German boot knife with SS grip insert - good or bad?

Article about: I thank you all for your help and advice and I'm glad I found this forum, because I am sure that I will again need help in the future. Thank you again to all

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    Hello, I have in my book same knife with insigne SS ! please, is possible send me picture our knife for my new book german knives ? Regards

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    sorry but I dont have a fighting knife I have SA daggers and some WKC maker marks daggers.
    Regards Daniel

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    I have for my new book other exemple ! Do you know the collector ? Thank you Daniel sorry for my bad english

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    This has been discussed earlier. Making things from the SS runes was not allowed-by NSDAP Law. Far too many of these near identical knives have shown up on the market-some one is making them to cheat collectors of their money. These were not something you would find in the field-or anywhere else for that matter.

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    Nice Puma knife..but devalued by the damage set into the grip with a fake runes button and then staining it black.
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    The knife, shown by "Lupus" in #1 is, (IMO !), not an decent one, it´s made yrs. after 1945 !

    The knife, shown by Christian in #23 is not a knife, manufactured by Lauterjung, it´s an Kampfmesser of the Wehrmacht-Heer, manufactured by several companies in the (3rd) Reich.

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    Quote by Mery Christian View Post
    I have for my new book other exemple ! Do you know the collector ? Thank you Daniel sorry for my bad english
    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    As we do not allow outside photo hosting sites, I have uploaded our photo directly to your post.
    Please read the first 4 or 5 posts in this thread and you will understand how to upload photos directly to your post.
    New picture posting feature - How to guide !
    Thank you,
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    I can see that a lot of folks have doubts about these "SS" fighting knives, but I now have it on good authority from a dealer/expert that they are "real" which he repeated twice!! In fact he even supplied me with a photo of one of the equipment carts that they used to carry the specialized equipment that was needed to do the work in their spare time in the field in a professional manner. That he says came as an order from HH himself to help the men keep their morale up. Which unfortunately as can be seen in this photo from the Russian campaign - the weight of the equipment has caused the cart to become stuck in the snow. Best Regards, Fred
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