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German figthing knife..?

Article about: Hi members. Have you seen a knife like this before? German or repro?

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    Default German figthing knife..?

    Hi members.

    Have you seen a knife like this before? German or repro?
    German figthing knife..?German figthing knife..?German figthing knife..?German figthing knife..?German figthing knife..?

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    Probably good, but you show lousy photos!
    Why not a photo of the other side of the blade and close ups of the handle? Also better photos of the scabbard would be nice.

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    Looks like it's modeled off a luftwaffe Kampfmesser. I'm not a fan of the grip and cross guard though. I would probably pass.

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    Greetings Berlin45,

    The knife pictured, is an Italian Model 1939 dagger, or Pugnale italiano mod 39 da paracadutista/assaltatore del Regio typically issued to WWII Italian Parachutists. This knife’s design is still being issued (in a slightly modified form & newer materials as the Extrema Ratio 39-09) today to the C.O.F.S (Italian Joint Special Operations Command).

    These knives are also currently reproduced (in India) and available at IMA’s website Italian WW2 Fascist Fighting Knife and Steel Scabbard , however yours does not appear to be the standardly available (read: widest available) reproduction. The knife you have pictured appears heavily used (blade-wise). The scabbard appears (due to the sheen) to have been recently repainted as well. My supposition, would be it is an original Italian Model 1939 Dagger (and confusing, there are actually two differing knives officially designated that), but it has (obviously) seen better days. In either case original or reproduction, (better pictures are necessary in order to determine which), there are far better conditioned original examples to be had on various Italian militaria websites.

    Attached picture (below) comes from this Italian Language thread Pugnale per assaltatori del REI - Pagina 3

    Your welcome!


    German figthing knife..?

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    Thank you so much guys for your helpfull information regarding this knife.

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    Looks like a horrible repro to me.

    Ask yourself, where are the signs of aging?

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    Militariaone is right: this is an M39 Italian fighting knife. In my opinion this COULD be an original one, but heavily reworked (painted cross guard, deeply sanded handle, and grinded blade), with M35 MVSN knife sheat (if original). As stated above, it's diffucult to evaluate it better, without better pics.
    Below my specimen for comparison:

    M 39 assault troops knife

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    Berlin45, if you truly want help with authentication then, as others have stated, provide better pics. The photos you provided will never allow for authentication with any degree of reliability. Take the knife outside into the daylight (even if the sky is overcast) and reshoot photos showing the entire length of both sides of the knife and sheath (lay them side-by-side), with the blade fully exposed. This will reduce glare and camera flash reflection. Plus the daylight reproduces the natural colors of the knife more accurately.


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