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Got to know this lady

Article about: Wow, this is special. I know the feeling of which you describe Jesper, I felt like that after acquiring the piece in my display picture- and finding out it's history from the man I bought it

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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    Wagner...You're skating on thin ice here...What the he** do you mean by " Well, nothing new there, he's
    well known in certain circles. The light got turned on and it's time to scramble to cooler darker places."

    I'm tempted to lower myself onto your level but wont...just like to hear what "circles" you THINK you know i'm know in?


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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    Battery command post..

    Real con-man stuff for sure, distracting attention with the Goring photos and documents, creating sympathy with the 'old woman who only wanted some good to come from the evil' story and so on. He also brought up the possibility of it being fake himself, but in such a way as to look like a victim so everyone would rally round and authenticate the piece. It's so easy to get sucked in... no matter who you are or what you know. Alarming...

    You are calling me a conman and i have'nt even tried or talked about selling anything?
    I'd say you're a bit paranoid and jumpin to conclusions as the case is with wagner...

    I can say fer sure that im NOT known i any circles at all as i never have and never will sell somthing outta my collection.
    Maybe once i swapped somthing but thats it, i'm only buying!

    Your accusations are far fetched m8

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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    Quote by jesper View Post
    Forgot...What about the inscription on the dagger...The name and rank i mean...
    I KNOW here are "experts" who can tell (or atleast claims to be able to tell) if an ingraving has been done pre, during or post war:-D
    A post-war dagger cannot have a wartime inscription on it without the use of a time machine.


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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    so this is your reply bcp?
    Ofcourse a postwar cannot have a wartime engraving.
    Was merly tryin to make the point that there is ALOT of selfannounced experts in here and i'd like one of them to take that engraving apart too :-)

    You are throwing around accusations of foul play, accusations of me being a liar and a fraud and so on
    For all I know you could be pawel fu**ing nowak!?!

    I have not at any time rejected the idea of the dagger being postwar...could be it is!!!
    All i know is that every single word i've put on this thread are true 100%
    AND e've NEVER claimed to be an expert on this subject have i?
    Who knows, the "original" dagger/s could show up or they could be sold off long ago by himself OR his wife in the postwar years.
    It just doesnt make sense as this family are pretty wealthy and still owns both land and buisness in Germany.
    Could have been discarded as noone would get caught with that right after the war, i know names where left out in those years but then theres the rest of the lot, photos, letters, speeches, the invitations you've seen so that doesnt add up either as that should have been gone too.
    As showed and i think i mentionned it in writing somewhere, there are 2 ranks and names, one on each side between the "grip-shells" , his own and his best friend who where also at Carinhall and that of his friend are dated 61 or 63 i believe.
    For me that just shows that these guys where really into their forst life and continued to be for decades and until their death.
    Why then are her fathers not followed by a date? Many options...Couldbe he bought it years prior to the engraving but after the war!
    Could be at their reunion they put his friends name and the year!
    I'll friggin ask the lady ok..Maybe she know and maybe she doesnt, we'll see.
    Could be in his diaries which she have:-)

    One thing is for sure...this thread was made with one purpose which was to show that these amazing finds/persons are still out there... What has happened just makes me wanna leave it at this and enjoy it with my collecting friends in Denmark...In private

    I know many would give their left foot for the provenance surrounding this, possibly, post war dagger, and IF i'd ever sell i know, as you know, it'd be gone faster than lightning.

    So until this daggers production period are confirmed, hopefully by eickhorn in some way, i'll speak of it as a possibly postwar dagger.
    Onething you can be sure off is that the rest of what i've allready got and of which you've seen maybe half, are as good as it gets and that is to me guarantee enough that this lot has been handed over to me by a true 3.reich child who spent for 4-5 exciting years of her childhood at Carinhall.

    I thought of that with the pic and todays newspaper, thought of doing one in her attic just down one side to show som 8-10 old leather travel and suitcases but what should i tell her?
    That my "fellow" collectors are trying to take both me and her apart as being faruds, trying to construct somthing...Forget it man i'd NEVER put her through that just cuz some selfacclaimed experts gets oxymoronic...

    Maybe someone out there has some proof of that with the makermark being stamped/etched...I'd like to know for sure myself, but the "i have'nt seen it before so it does'nt exist" i wont just buy.

    Should we leave it to this and the triggerhappy accusers to decide weather an apology would be in it's place.



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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    Alright jesper, perhaps the time machine comment was somewhat flippant.

    Here is the honest truth as far as I go:

    I am not an expert in Third Reich daggers, self proclamied or otherwise, nor do I collect Third Reich items. I find Nazi Germany interesting from a historical point of view, and i have, in some way, been involved with its history professionally. However, when I read your posts I knew absolutely NOTHING about forestry daggers at all. Nothing.. zip.. big fat zero.

    I will admit that I read your story with some scepticism, but with an open mind that comes from not really caring about the subject whatsoever. But here is what strikes me as odd: after reading the posts by wagner and others, I took it upon myself to do a basic internet search about the dagger. It took me all of about 45 seconds, using Google, to find reference material that not only gave me a breakdown of Eickhorn Logos but also many many pictures of those relatively common post-War forestry daggers. I find it very hard to believe that Denmark has no internet access, particularly as you have managed to post on this forum. So, as the owner of a dagger, that you say you are interested in having appraised, why are you not at least this knowledgeable about it? This makes no sense to me...

    I'm sorry if I have been unfair, but this hobby, especially amongst those who collect Nazi items, is full of fakers and other unscrupulous scumbags that exist just to take peoples money. In fact a new member of this forum was recently conned out of a large sum, that we all felt bad about. So therefore, people here are, out of necessity, very blunt and honest in what they say, and that's for the best, because it is really the only protection that we (I include myself even though I don't collect Nazi - fakers exist in Brit/Commonwealth collector circles too) have.


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    Default Re: Got to know this lady


    Maybe it is you who is going off at the mouth in your positions & self-importance now. If you're not prepared for criticism of an object then maybe you should consider that before posting something.

    Who's a self-acclaimed expert, me? All I did was ask you a question about why someone thought the dagger was fake and although you did a lot of speaking, you never answered the question.

    I did point out something about pre-1945 & post-1945 Eickhorn maker marks that you didn't know, maybe you did know it or maybe you were seduced by the items themselves. You can choose to believe what I said or not or you can choose to research the issue & verify the info yourself but I doubt anyone will do this for you.

    My interest in this thread & your items was to try to be helpful in drawing your attention to something relevant that was obviously not noticed but seriously concerns time of production and subsequent value. The questions about this grouping have to be answered for no one's satisfaction except yours but they will remain when & if you ever choose to to sell these items.

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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    I havent bitched about anyone writing that the dagger of this lot might be a postwar piece have i?

    As far as i can read i actually wrote that i would not rule out the possibillity that it might be so...
    My objection went only on the accusations about me trying to sell something as period when it might not be period.
    I've never sold or tried to sell anything to any of you so the accusations are groundless.
    Other members posted accusations of me being "known in certain circles" which i can tell im not as ive never sold anything outta my collection and i dont plan to do so!

    I actually proposed a few scenarios regarding why he would buy a dagger post war...So can we agree that the accusation of me not being able to handle it are also far fetched?

    What i payed are symbolic and as written b4 i could sell the pic and have my home...Which i wont!

    Even if the dagger turns out to be a post war it will stay with the items it came with as it surely is connected to this forstmeister and his history.

    As my friends husbond are sick and have gone to a rehabillitationcenter i wont bother her with these trivialities at this moment but i will ofcourse ask her later on if she remembers anything about this.
    As written b4 she's got his diaries and they will possibly shed som light on this subject.

    Finally... I can conclude that wagners "lights have been turned on and he has scrambled back in2 the dark"...Wonder who he'll accuse of being a fraud and a liar next time and then stay away when hes replied to in a proper and polite manner!?

    May you all have a salty day

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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    Hi Guys, these type of daggers are right outside my collecting interests or experience. Even if it is Post war, it is still a nice item in it's own right.

    Jesper has not tried to sell this and I think he was just excited to show it. No crime has been commited here. Please remember that.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

    Jesper, as stated by you, this has been in a Attic since the war. Well, OK, ...I admit, and it has happened before, and perhaps we owe a big apolgy to
    Herr Jesper, as the only other reasonable senario is: The Little Ole lady bought a postwar Hunting Cutlass, had it engraved, and then stuck poor Jesper with it !

    Jesper, I mean it could happen that way-right? That 'Little Ole Lady' is darn good. as a matter of fact, she probably had Goring's signature faked and the whole grouping is bogus.!
    Perhaps you can get your money back. If that doesn't work...well -you can threaten that old wench with fraud and that you will go to the police.

    Let me know if you need a letter of NON-Period authenticity. I'll be glad to help in any court action. I just hate it when good guys get taken by these old sharks. imagine that a person of such former high stature would sink to this level.


    P.S. Let us know how it turns out. Watch Out for the ole trick...she may want to pay you off with the 'real stuff' if you stay quiet and go away.

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    Default Re: Got to know this lady

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