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Got to know this lady

Article about: Wow, this is special. I know the feeling of which you describe Jesper, I felt like that after acquiring the piece in my display picture- and finding out it's history from the man I bought it

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    When I was a young teenager, There was a lady who had a summer home next door to where my grandparents lived. She became a very close family friend. She was also a very accomplished artist as as I was taking some art classes in school, I would spend hours and hours with her, trying to learn anything she was willing to teach. We became good friends.

    Her husband had died many years before and I never met him but I did know that he had served in ww1. On my 16th birthday, she gave me a German sawtooth bayonet and steel helmet that he had brought home as souvenirs. I still have the bayonet. Sadly the helmet was lost in a house fire. These items are not as impressive as the ones in this thread but because the bayonet was from a dear friend, it is the one item in my collection that I will never get rid of.
    I have an entire drawer with irreplaceable items that I have a personal connection to and would never sell. Some items are worth $25.00 and some worth 10 times that amount, but the monetary value isn't to be considered when dealing with this type of collectible.

    William Kramer
    Us and them - and after all we’re only ordinary men. Me, and you - God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do. Forward he cried from the rear, and the front rank died, and the general sat and the lines on the map moved from side to side.


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    Dunno why i'm here agin but...well i got a mail regarding a "linkback" so i popped by and...

    The lady and i still see eachother on a regular basis.

    She's found and given me lots of other goodies such as mint mein kampf, dustcover and all, also the partybadges from both her father and mother has surfaced and just last weekend she had found a 1. edition "die neue reichskanzlei" by speer.
    The red Adolf H. cigarettepicture book also showed up recently.

    Lots of trophies from schorfheide, wild boar, deer like sikas and crowndeer, all mounted and with all data, year, section where it was shot, weight etc., on the back of mount.

    A few speeches and some printed stuff.

    Oh yeah and the "art-book" the green one but as theres alot of dedications and writing from family she still has contact to, back in germany, she feels she has to offer it to that family first!
    If they reject i'll get that too.

    This winter she gave me a xmas greeting from Göring!
    Was a card he apparently had printed for xmas 1935 which was given to family and friends.

    But yes, I know that you guys know she has had it all printed in order to fool some naive collector

    One day i asked if there might be a flag among the stuff her mother left her but she knew there would be nothing like that as their "house flag" was cut up and sewn into dresses post war!

    Cheer up

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    Jesper its good to hear from you again. Your meetings with this fantastic woman and the trophies she has bestowed upon you will far outweigh anyones collection that has not had personal contact with such a figure. Some of the collectors here can only dream about knowing the person who had owned a dagger or sword,, others have been fortunate to meet or also receive an item. Your friendship with this person is a total eclipse in collecting which leaves our mouths gaping in amazement! You are very fortunate to know this lady and we hope that it continues not for the sake of getting more stuff,,but the sake of the trust she has put in you and to be able to speak with you in that capacity. Its a Rare find for sure to find someone of this calibre who will talk about such dark times that most to this day are embarrassed to speak about. Your friendship with her is what is worth more than whats in your safe. Although what she gave you still is very cool!! Nice to hear your still in contact with her. keep us updated. Best regards Larry

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