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help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

Article about: Sadly I cant comment for the 100% mint blades. All mine have runner marks so I have the view that where the runners have touched the crossgraining has already gone and cannot be made worse.

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    Quote by dr73 View Post
    Ralph, What a great way to display your collection Thanks for showing.

    Thank you very much Danny!
    As this thread has pointed out, there are different opinions as to how to display our collections. This is just the method that appeals to me.
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    Circuit advertisement help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??
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    Quote by mattty01 View Post
    Incredible collection! Just a question, What are the two mini SS daggers behind the main ones at the front? I know there was a mini SS, however according to mr wittman they never had scabbards - Yours have though.
    Salesmens examples
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    Quote by rbminis View Post
    Thank you matty01!
    They are made post war, but since I collect and make miniature knives and swords, I just had to have these examples.
    The larger one of the two has an etch, just not a very good one.
    Attachment 589784Attachment 589785Attachment 589786
    Here are a few that I have made.
    Wow incredible stuff you've made there, you have a real talent. thankyou for answering about the mini SS daggers, I think they look really good anyway with the main SS. Ive heard of the mini SS daggers made from diecast alumininium before (with no scabbard) but they never seem to be in very good condition. I guess paint sticking to aluminium was never gonna be very successful long term!

    Have you ever tried to make a model of an SS dagger? Id love to know how you do it? Have you made a thread somewhere about what you do so I can catch up?

    Regards Matty

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    Hello Matty,
    Thank you for your compliments!
    I do make models and they can be found in the modelling section of this forum.
    The miniature knives that I create are not models, they are made from tool steel, stainless and real damascus steel that a friend forges. They are also made from real natural materials such as ivory, mastadon tusk, deer antler, leather and water buffalo horn.
    I have not to date made a miniature SS dagger although one is in the works.
    Although it is a very long thread, some of my creations can be found in the discussions section under "Other hobbies besides collecting".
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Hey Ralph, im glad to hear an SS mini's in the making please please please post piccys when you've completed it!

    Il have a look for the modelling section. Im gonna really embarrass myself and say ive never even seen it!

    Mind you I don't really venture out of the dagger section, I tend to get frightened out there away from my daggers.

    All the best matty

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