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HK marking on Fireman's bayonet

Article about: I was wondering if anyone can identify this marker. I have checked around and cannot find a match. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Detlef

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    Default HK marking on Fireman's bayonet

    I was wondering if anyone can identify this marker. I have checked around and cannot find a match.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Circuit advertisement HK marking on Fireman's bayonet
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    I've done a bit of searching as well and can only find this HK Stamp on Fireman's parade bayonets and on no other blades...
    A mystery indeed, I hope someone can provide an answer...
    cheers, Glenn

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    All i could find was "unknown manufacturer/distributor Krieghoff"

    As in Heinrich Krieghoff!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Wittmann has one for sale , same logo, he states:
    The obverse ricasso is marked with a distributor’s initials which are “HK” being inside of a circle formed by dots.

    and on Germandaggers is a tread about these bayo's:
    i quote:
    "This mark, "HK" in a dotted circle, has been spoken about for years on GD. There were several suggestions as to the mark's identity but Peter Costible suggested to me that he thought it was the mark of Heinrich Krieghoff, the famed Luger manufacturer. As proof, Peter sent me a picture from a Luger reference book showing Krieghoff's mark.

    The mark which was on the top of a pistol was identical to this mark, down to the dotted circle. Nothing definite but it seems this might be the maker's identity. To my knowledge, Krieghoff is not credited with manufacturing any other edged weapon."

    It seems Firemans bayonets have a lot of distributors marks instead of the logo with the maker.


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    Heinrich Krieghoff was a gunmaker who was known to use a back to back “H” and “K” that looked something like the Russian letter Zhe “Ж” (not exact, but I think the idea is clear as the two letters being merged together into one). With as I recall a thread not too long ago on another forum (GDC) where a specialist in the area of Fire - sidearms mentioned how the idea might have originally started (not in Germany). And may even have stated who the maker is now believed to be. But that’s my best recollection of the discussion, which was out of my area other than as it regarded Krieghoff the gunmaker. Regards, Fred

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    Thanks for all the replies. You have all been helpful.
    Defiantly something to build further research on.

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