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I have been offered these to purchase, I know nothing about any of them, Could you give some background?

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    Default I have been offered these to purchase, I know nothing about any of them, Could you give some background?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    The lower photo shows a NSKK dress dagger that is missing the upper fitting, the middle photo shows a DRK, (German Red Cross) hewer that has been ground to have a sharp point, (these normally had a flat tip) and the top photo shows a short german dress bayonet, possibly early due to the shape of the pommel.
    I hope this helps,
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    Top one is a parade bayonet, middle one is a DRK / Deutsche Rote Kreuz / German Red Cross hewer, but the tip has been ground to a point. It should be a chisel tip. the bottom one is an SA / NSKK dagger, but it is missing the crossguard at the bottom of the handle. All are original.

    you beat me Ralph

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    if cheap enough buy them I would.

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    The DRK and the SA dager have some issues..which the SA dagger itself ..a crossguard can be found. The DRK has permanent damage to the blade..IMO not very collectible. The bayonet at the a nice example. for future postings on this forum..please separate all daggers into their own forums for a better reference study. This action will prove useful for the type collector. Regards Larry
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    I agree with Larry. Personally, I like the dress bayonet, but the other 2 have too many major problems to be desirable.

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    The short bayonet and NSKK dagger are OK. Indeed, the
    crossguard ( and tang button ? ) could be replaced
    relatively easy. I would still go for these two, but
    the price would have to reflect the problem
    of the missing piece(s).........


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