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Imperial German bayo to identify

Article about: Hello gents, I have some nice Mauser bayo with Imperial German logos e.t.c but so far I didnīt found in any catalogues and internet sites what is the name/index of this bayo? Quite sure that

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    Default Re: Imperial German bayo to identify

    Quote by AndyB View Post
    The piece is a export Belgium M24/30 long with faked Oberndorf marking and acceptance.
    Many thanks for Richie B and Andy

    Just one Q-n to Andy - what was the rational for belgians to fake the german markings???

    In my collection this bayo is still as UNIDENTIFIED GEMAN BAYONET

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    Most probably made in Germany bayo for one of the 3 party countries

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    Who speaks about faking by Belgians? it was normal delivery to some country, maybe near Afghanistan, the digit on pommel is real, You should look to all bayonets book, this type of bayonet was firstly made in 1924 and couldnt have a 1917 stamp, the german marking and acceptance was done by Afganees for increasing values, as they outsaled the turkisch Mauser SG98/05 reworks already, this long bayonet exist with faked sawback too and some czechoslovak Vz.23 bayonets exist too with faked Mauser stamp. You should compare it with real german piece, when You dont believe books about bayonets.

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    Default Re: Imperial German bayo to identify

    Well, camrades in arms,

    considering all of yours valuable input and thinking heavily on this issue, - I have to report that status of this bayo in my collection as "Unidentified German bayonet" has been changed now

    From today this bayo is listed as Belgian FN24/30 Long Export
    Additionally (in brackets) "and some unidentified bastard has done faked german markings in blade"

    And all together it takes no more than 24h to receive a proper answer on my Question I posted here

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    Default Re: Imperial German bayo to identify

    Well live and learn...another little gem to lodge in the back of my brain!....i was unaware of fake markings on old bayonets....i must buy some refrence material on bayonets !...well done AndyB.

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    Default Re: Imperial German bayo to identify

    Indeed, well done AndyB! Since I only collect Imperial German (mostly helmets), I could only determine it was not German... but you nailed it spot on...
    Also I've never seen these fake stamps before. Maybe a better close up could make things better visible or is there already a red flag visible in these pics?
    Anyway for me it wasn't a proper German bayonet and your explanation makes sence, so thank you very much for detecting the problem.


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