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Imperial or Possibly Later Trench Knife

Article about: Hi, Further to my last post on a KS98 style knife, this knife is my personal favourite from the collection. It is based on a cut down SG 98/05 but also includes extencive reworking by someon

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    It's a beautiful knife , and anyone should be proud to own it . PS today is my birthday !!!! LOL
    Great item

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    Circuit advertisement Imperial or Possibly Later Trench Knife
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    Ooppsss....hope i dont leave you with 20 bad bayo's after my birthday Michael

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    Greetings Michael,

    I wholeheartedly agree with the other membersí comments, this is a very neat/cool customized bayonet. As to the scabbard, I thought it looked a tad familiar. It appears to be a slightly cut down (at the mouth) version of one of these Yugo Bayonets. Since no one else mentioned the similarities in their commentary I thought Iíd share that with you. The pictures came from this thread Yugoslavian 1924/40 Kindjahl Bayonet recently acquired. Need info. Unfortunately, the pictured example is missing its scabbard's ring, but if you search the internet with the linked threadís bayonet designation, you will fine others with their scabbards' rings in place. Of course it might not be the same scabbard, but it possesses very interesting similarities and that's why I thought it was worth sharing.



    Imperial or Possibly Later Trench KnifeImperial or Possibly Later Trench Knife

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    Hi Lance, Thank you for your opinions and photographs. I must agree with you, the similarities are so noticeable that they are imposible to dismiss. I am inclined to wonder if the bayonet was cut down to fit the scabbard or was the scabbard in any way modified to take the bayonet? In any event I think you are right!!!

    Regards Michael R

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    Hi All, Whilst I am very happy with this weapon I must say that I was impressed with both the comments and illustrations which it generated and would like to take this oportunity to thank one and all!!!!!!!!
    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

    PS For those with either immenent or recently past birthdays, many happy returns and congratulations!!!!!!! Whilst I would have loved to give the item to a birthday boy, as there is more than one, it would be unfair to select only one so I will hang onto it for just now!!! Happy Birthday!!! MR

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    As they say Michael , It's the thought that counts !
    Best of luck in all your collecting .
    Cheers Chris

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    Yes Chris, it certainly is!!!
    Thank you Michael R

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    The knife in Post #13 looks like they made it into a Kindjal. Nicely done.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    The knife in Post #13 looks like they made it into a Kindjal. Nicely done.

    It is known among collectors as a model 1924 kindjahl bayonet. They are very, very, hard to come by.

    The bayonet from the OP is a beautiful piece of handiwork!


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    Hi Jim, Thank you for your comments.

    Regards Michael R

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