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Lightbox a great help, making one for less then $ 10-- yourself

Article about: Being in the process of making photo's the best possible way in the concept that Danny and I developed for our new Heer dagger book, I had Danny pointed out to me that be bought a lightbox t

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    Could also a cut white cloth sheet suffice for the lighted side panels...or would that be too dense and light restrictive? Curious .
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    Circuit advertisement Lightbox a great help, making one for less then $ 10-- yourself
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    It shouldnt block to much light, i just bought a new thin cotton sheet, costed me 6 euro, the paper 2x 70x50cm 200gramms was about 2.50 euro.
    So just try, it shouldnt be to dense, and you also dont want a rough structure that maybe reflect the cloth pattern on to the object.

    just try Larry


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    Ebay has some inexpensive ones that work pretty good.
    This is like the one I use. It comes with the lights and a cheap tripod for $30

    Table Top Photo Studio Light Tent Kit 1 Tent 2 Light Set 1 Camera Stand 1 Case | eBay
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    Agree with Greg. I bought my kit this past winter. The "box" was around $30 and came with 3 different color backgrounds and folded for storage. Pretty neat, versatile and well made.

    But I really like the idea of the hole in top
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    Thx Greg nice addition to the thread!

    But the big advantage of the cardboard box over your tent is the fact that it has the 100% topview ability and you can make them as big or as small as you want.


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    I made mine out of pvc pipe 3/4, very solid.

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    Excellent Pictures .... Great idea

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