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Mint Fire Bayo with Rare Marking

Article about: Hi All, Here is my first bayo, it is near mint and has the rare logo of Linnenbrugger and Ellermann, this is the only manufacturer that incorporated a swaz into their logo from what I have r

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    A very nice fire Bayo rig

    like that maker logo

    Congrats !!!

    Mac 66.

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    An excellent example of a well conditioned fire bayonet. As has been said, it has many things going for it. We're I to only have one, this one might very well be it, nicely marked blade & a marked frog along with a terrific knot. The logo is one of, if not my favorite out there.

    Is your bayonet a short model? If so, it's one of only two short model L&E blades I've observed out of maybe 40 examples total.

    The example you show seems to depict the 15mm logo as distinguished from the 10mm logo. The 15mm logo is less often seen. The other mark employed by L&E had only the company name spelled out along with it's location, Bielefeld.

    Several things I wanted to clarify. L&E was not a manufacturer of blades or edged weapons, the company was a distributor or Feuerwehr related ephemera including fire bayonets & bayonet frogs. What makes their mark unusual is that nearly all distributors did not have logos, per se, they had marks. The distinction is a mark generally incorporates a name & perhaps a location but such marks are rarely stylized. L&E's mark is something different which not only incorporates a swaz (the only logo I know that did), it also incorporates a fire helmet which was their stock in trade. L&E only distributed fire related items, so far as I can tell in my research, I have never found their name or logo on anything non fire related. The logo on a bayonet is not quite rare, IMHO, I've owned perhaps 12 of them over the years but I've seen plenty more. It's probably scarce at best.

    Regarding the thought that most L&E marked blades are on maker marked examples, if have to respectfully disagree. Dual marked examples of fire bayonets, either L&E or other distributors, are far more scarce than a bayonet with just a distributor's mark. I do have a mint example that is also marked with the Eickhorn '35-'41 logo. I've seen one other like it, I don't think I've seen another maker marked example by L&E. So far as I can ascertain, L&E also used blades by Pack & Horster although those were unmarked. My comparisons & conclusions were made by hilt configurations.

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    Damn Max! That's nice too say the least

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    Thank you billy for that very informative post, and yes it is the short version :-)

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    An excellent example of a scarce bayonet. I have owned one by the same maker in the past, sadly mine was not as nice as yours, if it had of been I would certainly have kept it.

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