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Mint Government Official-Gold

Article about: From Angolia's book In the Service of the Reich I quote An official decree dated 15 May 1939 introduced wear of the gold-plated dagger for diplomatic and government officials for those offic

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    Default Mint Government Official-Gold- RMBO

    Mint Government Official-GoldMint Government Official-Gold
    Thought I would show this little beauty----
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    Circuit advertisement Mint Government Official-Gold
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    Another SHAWANNNNG!!!!
    I agree 1000% that is a Beauty!!!!
    So who had the honor of wearing the gold version?

    Semper Fi

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    Good question! Gold GO's were Eastern Peoples- But --I have a feeling that High Ranking Government Officials may have worn Gold---

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    One of my favorite style daggers. The daggers are so good looking and here is a gold government officials buckle. I think it has one of the ugliest eagles of the era.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mint Government Official-Gold  

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    Thanks for showing this dagger Wiki

    I think it has no reply's because almost no one has any experience with these high end 20K+daggers, so saying it is gorgeous and then seeing it burned because its a replica isnt something to look for.
    Thats why they are cautious.
    I dont have any knownledge of these daggers, so i cant say anything about its originality,but at first and second glare, i can only admit that its a gorgeous looker
    Thx for showing!


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    I have to say it has some characteristics in detail....that matches a Standard Govt. Official..but also I echo Gerrits thoughts. The hangers I know you must of added on to the condition of both are unmatching. Regardless still a nice looking dagger. Regards Larry
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    Gerrit and Larry- Thanks for the comments. Yes ,I was surprised that this "High End " dagger got such little traffic. I picked up this dagger from the same prominent dealer that I bought the Feldherrnhlle dagger from. This dragger is 100% right and yes the hangers were probably added. I bought the set together. I saw a similar dagger at the SOS without hangers for 30K -So you are right about the crazy dollar amount. I had to have it to go with my Political collection!

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    Now THAT is Very nice Wiki.
    What a great example of a RMBO. Talk about a hard dagger to find. well, you can find them but not in that condition. Congrats!

    Here is one on a dagger book cover by T. Johnson.

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    Thanks Serge, I've only seen one in similar condition- It was the one at the SOS being sold by a well known dealer. I am going to have to dig out my Johnson book and compare.

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    Stunning dagger. I have not much experience with daggers, but it looks very interesting!!!

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