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My new book on the german bayonet.

Article about: My new book on the German bayonet 1898 - 1945. english version.Editions du brevail

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    Default My new book on the german bayonet.

    My new book on the German bayonet 1898 - 1945. english version.Editions du brevail
    My new book on the german bayonet.

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    Circuit advertisement My new book on the german bayonet.
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    Well done, not into bayonets myself but I am sure the guys who are will appreciate your effort. Good luck with the book.

    Best Tomaz.

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    Thank you Tomaz, best regards from France.

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    Good luck with the sales!!


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    special price of my book to the forum members. $ 50 (or 45€) with shipping in economy mode poste.
    you can pay by paypal
    or send a $ 50 bill in a letter to my address.
    No US check, there is too much load.
    bank transfer to the buyers of the euro area, it's free.
    Thank you

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    Hi Mery you may post your book forsale in our classified section as the forum is for study and discussion as your book has not generated much discussion or interest.

    Unfortunately none of the members will send cash in the mail and if I understand your meaning about " too much load" ....a check or money order weighs nothing and is the same weight as a $50 bill ! " Too much load

    Can you give more detail of how many pages ....what size is the maybe 2 or 3 photos showing the inside of the book?

    For some reason..your ISBN # can not be traced....or maybe the help of one of our members could help further your search. Or possibly you could clarify the ISBN# ?

    Regards Larry

    We would like to make sure no one is stealing your good work
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    I'm sorry, my English is very bad because I use a translator. It is therefore difficult to properly understand.
    You will find on my web page all the information about my book and also on other books I've published.
    Editions du Brevail
    I received in France of US dollar checks for the payment of my books, but French banks are more than 25% load, which is a lot.
    This is why I prefer Paypal or so the bank money in a letter as I have already received without problems.
    I never had a problem with collectors around the world who bought my books, I do not understand the question on ISBN ?
    Recherche simple "German bayonet" : liste de notices | BnF Catalogue général search ISBN
    You can find information about my books as the BNF website which I give you the address.
    I'm working on my new book on German daggers 1914/1945 and I thank the collectors of this excellent forum who have already sent me photos and information.
    I try to answer questions or make daggers on the forum, but my English is bad.
    I do not understand the question e steal my work?
    I hope I answered your questions, but if this is not the case, tell me what you want to know.
    Best wishes from France
    Christian Méry

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