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Is this an NCO Police Saber?

Article about: Hey all. To me, this looks like a standard NCO sword and someone welded a police eagle emblem to it. Did these ever exist? Thank you for your help. Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Is this an NCO Police Saber?

    Hey all. To me, this looks like a standard NCO sword and someone welded a police eagle emblem to it. Did these ever exist? Thank you for your help.

    Is this an NCO Police Saber?

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    Somebody? Anybody?

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    I'm far from an expert, but IMHO it looks to be an NCO saber with a police eagle attached just as you said. I've never seen anything like this before. And my guess is that someone added the eagle at a later date to increase the value. Hopefully one of the experts will chime in soon.


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    Here is an example of a Police NCO's sword for reference

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    The emblem that appears to have been added to the NCO sword looks like a grip emblem from a Polizei bayonet, I can't tell if the emblem itself is period or not. Based on the overall appearance of the sword, I'd say it was much more likely that the emblem was added to tart up a bland item with the intention of it selling faster & for more money.

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    There is a sword somewhat like this pictured in the Angolia book Swords is Germany 1900-1945. The sword is the same but the eagle is larger and covers the area of the hilt.

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    it seems like some people have a very hard time understanding that before things were standardized , and before the police degan existed , there was still the desire to differentiate things. there were many things done at the time that are not accepted now only because they are hand done and some rather crudely. like home made party flags etc. I have many pictures of original period items that are readly accepted as original, but are still poor quality in my opinion. the germans were not perfect. and the beer flowed freely. heck they couldn't even get the RZM logo standardized. even something that simple there are numerous variations on. I cant say if the emblem is original to the period, but I do recognize the sword as a ww2 NCO sword. and not a fantasy sword. I just think people react and comment to harshly on things they don't understand. not everything is post RZM period folks, and even at that there are oddities. just because you have not seen one before does not mean its not real. I got jumped on for a cloth SS armband because some well educated people thought they were only made in wool. I have had other items jumped on right away only to be proven they were good items. to many people have no idea what they are talking about , but trash things any way. if this offends any one, I suggest you ask your self why. sorry just needed to rant lol.

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