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NPEA chained dagger Eickhorn - opinions need

Article about: Hi guys, I would like to ask you for help with one NPEA chained dagger made by Carl Eickhorn. I would like to know your opinion about this one. Original or fake? I have checked some sites an

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    I have to agree also with Gerrit and Billy G...which pics of the tang and crossguard are crucial in authentication. The scabbard paint now appears to be the Olive green the first photos..gave a bad image impression. Another observation is ..Wolfknives example shows the amount of chain links being "5" and "7"...where as Mikes example exhibits..."4" and "6"...Im not sure of this as I dont have Siegerts reference in front of me at the moment..but this should be compared to other examples.
    I am not concerned too much with the crossguard to scabbard fitting... fit as these are later period fittings..and most daggers made of these type of materials...compared to some Later RZM dagger types were not perfect as some were not perfect in early SA and SS production.
    NPEA daggers are also quite difficult to discern..even the motto in photos can give false impression...which also should be reserved for an in hand inspection. Tang and Crossguard markings would be beneficial in this determination. Regards Larry
    Hi all,
    thank you for all comments and finally I refused to buy it, because the guy did not want to send me pictures of corssguards and tang with explanation that the value of the dagger will go down if he will take it apart. I think there is no need to write more. One more time, thank you.

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    hey guys

    I agree with the opinion of Ger. The dagger is a fake.

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    Good move IMO to pass on this one. It just did not look 'right' to me. On these, it has to be a 'one looker' or you will own it for a very long time.

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    "the guy did not want to send me pictures of corssguards and tang" Pretty well tells the whole story in a nutshell....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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