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RAD dagger

Article about: Hi! Ive bought my first dagger and would like thoughts on its authenticity. Im eager to learn from my (perhaps) misstake Picture quality isn't top notch im afraid, but hopefully good enough.

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    Interesting dagger. I have always liked the designs of the Hewers, very cool looking. The dagger in question looks like a piece that has been altered. The overall shape of the blade is strange. Just my two cents.

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    Quote by SADolch View Post
    Here is a list of "some of the makers" i located Eickhorn...Wusthof...C J Krebs....Boker with tree (no leaves)...Boker art deco design.....Horster......Alcoso.......Voos....Wkc.. .....

    Larry,i believe the Ges Geschutz and Triangle with the RAD initials was only on the E M hewer............................Dave H
    I would add a few more to the list - PD Luneschloss , E.Pack, Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Paul Weyersberg ,Tiger and Puma as well. There's some others that slip my mind at the moment but I do know that there are examples of these with unmarked blades out there too. I know, that Axt und Hauer made Enlisteds, so they may have done Leaders also. I'd have to dig into it abit more.

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    The logo is correct, no Ges.geschutz above the logo.
    Here one to compare:
    Cheers Ger
    RAD dagger

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    Hey guys!

    First off, thanks for all the feedback and advice. Much appreciated!

    I havent had time to look into all the replys yet, but it seems most of you think that this in an older repro...
    It's a shame, but might aswell make a mistake now and not later on
    Like "gel65" said I might have spent a bit to much on the blade to begin with, but i kind of got swept away when i saw it. It is Beautiful

    I am a complete beginner and knowing i got people like you to ask before my next purchase it comforting!


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    After Reading in a bit more on the provided info and looking on the Pictures im thinking there is a slim chance of it beeing original?!
    Or part original with altered blade.

    thanks again!


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    Thankyou for your support Gents....quick and precise! Regards Larry
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