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Rough DRK Hewer

Article about: To clean or not to clean? I usually try not to mess with patina but in this case I might consider some efforts just to prevent the rust from spreading further. What do you gentlemen think? B

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    Havenīt got it yet. There was a postal strike here and that delayed everything, should get it soon



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    Anxious wait Jan.

    Im not sure id clean it to be honest............ But don't let me change your mind. lol

    If you do, do it lightly so you don't lose too much patina.

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    The Hewer arrived today and it looks much better than in the pictures. I think I will leave it as it is. Maybe some very light cleaning but not much.

    Best, Jan

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    Yes, there are many imperfections you can see in pictures (good honest pictures) that are not really visible to the naked eye, or disturbing on general viewing in normal lighting situations. All the same, if you have a little rust, it's probably a good thing to use a little oil, or WD as mentioned, saturate the area and wipe the excess off. Treated rust generally looks better than untreated.


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    Hi Jan

    Just spray it with WD40 and sweep it each evening and spray it again
    Blade and scabbard!
    You will be amazed how it looks in 2 weeks with this simple routine


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    I had always been told that the serrated edge was, in reality, for cutting of tree limbs, etc to make field splints from. An interesting hewer and definitely one worth a careful and professional face lift.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Yes, it's definitely a wood saw, for splints. Very cool piece, this thread kind of opened my eyes to the possibility of having one of these. They're quite the looker.

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    I will start cleaning the blade on monday, going very easy I will post good quality pics of the progress. This is the starting point.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rough DRK Hewer  

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    That kind of rust you could try scraping off while still dry, with something gentle, one of those computer opening tools, what do they call it, a "spudger"? Scrape the rust without scratching the metal, it can be done.

    Then get the Ballistol, or WD40 if you can stand the smell... and liquefy the rust slowly, taking it away with a rag.

    Patience is probably the key, don't try to do it in 5 minutes.

    It's very minimal really, and only magnified by the camera.

    Ballistol works fairly well at dissolving rust and corrosion, and the smell is not toxic. It will not permeate your house. WD40, I don't understand people's fascination with it... is a Water Displacer that finally worked on the 40th try (no joke), originating from 1953.

    In the meantime, there have been gobs of superior products for liquefying rust, CRC 5-56 for one, that make WD look like hopped up dishwater. The two best products in the last few years are PB Blaster, really works good but stinks to high heaven, read toxic to breathe... and just this year I adopted Schaeffer Penetro 90 @ $10 a can, and I can tell you this stuff is amazing. I won't go into detail, but I work on old trucks and farm machinery on a regular basis. I can tell you if a product works or not. I haven't bought a can a WD in ages. It's good as a lube for cables, and as a cleaner for greasy tools, but it is so mild as a rust remover it's definitely not what I would go for.

    Not only that, over the years it finally got a reputation for being infinitely more toxic to breathe and have on your skin than previously realized.

    Try to find some Ballistol, it's good to have a can around the house

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    Quote by Jan View Post
    I will start cleaning the blade on monday, going very easy I will post good quality pics of the progress. This is the starting point.
    First 12 hours into the meticulous light cleaning process, certainly some progress in this area of the hewer

    Best, Jan
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rough DRK Hewer   Rough DRK Hewer  

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