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Unknown bayonet. German?

Article about: I have had this bayonet since I was a kid. And I have always wondered what country exactly this is from.. It fits my K98 bayonet lug perfectly. and only has one area that has markings.

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    The Vz23 and FN 24 vor the Lithuania are well know, also by the germans in WWII, this model is listed in the "Kennbläter fremden Geräts". But this models are differnet and without any connection to the supply tp Spain...

    The Germans produced what the purchaser wanted... the bayonets for example to Chile, Argentina etc. are untypical German, too.

    The Model is called 1936. First delivered from Germany, like the S 84/98 too, but with muzzle ring.

    This type you can also find with maker marks of E&F Hörster Solingen.

    The rifles were both of the Vz 24 type, but for some reason the Lithuanian order to FN stipulated the Vz 23 type of bayonet. And John Walter has a line drawing of a full muzzle ring no diagonal grip slant version of what he called an export model c. 1932, as well as the no muzzle ring version with the Waffenamt. But that comes with some problems as it was a little before the known series production of the 1933 Standard Modell, with 1934 not an uncommon date on the Spanish rifles, and the Waffenamts on the bayonets are actually circa 1939 and are mostly seen erased or partially erased on the Spanish marked (also with the unmarked ones) of the SG 84/98 type of bayonets. And Argentina (as was China and Ethiopia) were recipients of the Standard Modell short rifles. As was Chile but with a shorter bayonet lug on its carbine order (presumably to Chilean specifications).

    Which then leads one to ask were no maker bayonets a part of the order like they were with the Portuguese contract? Being in agreement that the Waffenamted examples are very likely from Hörster, as that is my recollection when I was looking into them from some subtle clues seen with some additional examples that a friend of mine had when we looked at them in detail. But how would you tell them apart? With the “P.R.8” crossguard stamp that is seen with some otherwise untouched Spanish examples, that does not quite seem to equate to the “AGA 3” pommel stamp seen here. With perhaps the marking itself the key to unlock the puzzle as to the specific end user? Regards, Fred

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