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Unknown Dagger

Article about: If I had a neighbor like that I would build a large Wall between you. Eric

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    Default Unknown Dagger

    So I looking into buying a few daggers from a neighbor and i am new to dagger collecting and wanted to get everyones opinion on them. I will be posting them in a couple of threads so here is the first one. I don't know what dagger it is so I am going to post it and maybe someone can tell me about it.Unknown DaggerUnknown DaggerUnknown DaggerUnknown DaggerUnknown DaggerUnknown DaggerUnknown DaggerUnknown Dagger

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    Diplomatic Official's Dagger - Not an expert on these, but it looks like a reproduction.

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    It is a reproduction,it should have solingen on the logo,not Berlin.

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    It is indeed a fake.

    Chers, Ade.
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    Thanks Ade. Would you look at the other Luftwaffe dagger I have and see what you think? Thanks


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    I hope you are not buying any of this stuff.You are screwing around with us right.It's a joke to test everybody.

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    Hi Ray, I wouldn't buy anything from your neighbor, he seems to have a number of "rare" daggers, even one of which would be an unusual and impressive addition to a collection. I believe that he has a SA leaders dagger on the table as well. Anyone who has so many rare and hard to find daggers in one place is *usually* suspicious. How did they get so many? Seems fishy. Buy the item not the story, doesn't matter if his "grandpa brought it back from the war", if it's not real, it's not real. I'm looking into buying my first Third Reich dagger and I'm looking up the types of the daggers available and who carried them to get a better idea of what kind of dagger I want to buy. Try searching "dagger" in this forum and look through the threads and find a piece that appeals to you and do some research on that type of dagger. Lakesidetrader also has a great tutorial on how to choose a good Third Reich dagger.
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    is it just me or does the SA dagger in the pic look to have a plastic handle?

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    Quote by Syrinx View Post
    is it just me or does the SA dagger in the pic look to have a plastic handle?
    No it is not you and yes it is plastic.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    keep your money and run !!

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