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Weimar Prussian Clamshell Police Bayonet - just acquired...

Article about: Hi all. I'm usually posting to ask questions or get feedback, but today I just wanted to share a recent oddball item I just acquired. I say oddball because I typically only collect TR, but t

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    I don't have the time at this moment but will later. The clamshell with Horst Wolff mark looks to me to be a Frankenstein piece. As Jim noted, that mark has only been observed on Feuerwehr bayonets. I would avoid buying this one for sure.

    More later,...

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    Thanks Billy & Jim its appreciated!

    Dzyner thanks you've posted this great dagger, so we can compare this Frankenstein

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    Hi Gents,

    I've got a little more time now so I can get some thoughts down. This clamshell is clearly not period done IMHO. There are numerous red flags on it, each of which would be enough to make me think twice about buying it. The fakers really tried to make a high ticket item. Not that the average tire kicker would sink 3 or 4 grand into it but someone who didn't know better might.

    In briefly looking earlier, I noticed the Horst Wolff mark which we know to be a distributor in Leipzig. Wolff had at least 4 different marks (including a spine etched mark) & I suspect that by the number of their bayonets I see, that they were a retailer of some size. Horst Wolff is a mark I have only observed on Feuerwehr bayonets, never on anything else, not a KS98, not a Polizei bayonet, nothing else. Of course, anything is possible but my suspicion is they only sold blades for the fire department. Huge red flag to me but that's only because I collect fire bayonets & feel very strongly about it. There's much more.

    When considering a bayonet or dagger with a grip emblem, always scrutinize the grip emblem. Always look to how it looks, how it's affixed to the hilt, everything. This grip emblem isn't your average Weimar Polizei 6 sided star, it's the rarely seen emblem of the SA Feldjägerkorps. Sure it's got an eagle & star but the Feldjäger eagle is completely different with lightning bolts & a very small swaz on the eagle's chest. This little tidbit could make an ordinarily expensive clamshell doubly so. It's important how it's attached. Some are pressed in with pins or glued bit those are easy to vet. No, this one is probably pinned correctly through the hilt. Why you say? Because of the rivets.

    The rivets are definitely not dressed properly. They do not look period rivets & because they're not, to me means this piece has been completely constructed & put together. Some show bad rivets because a collector or dealer rehilted a blade or replaced the grip plates. These are definitely bad & a huge red flag.

    Let's look at the hilt. At first glance, it appears fine but if you blow the pics up a little, it's clear that the detail is lacking. I'd prefer to see this in hand but from what I see, I'd say the hilt is a cast reproduction. If true, this is damning to whomever is selling this example because it's not even tarted up. It's complete bunk. I'd say the same about the clamshell too, lacking in detail.

    As if you ended more, look to the scabbard. It's true Polizei bayonets did late in the period, use black steel scabbards like typical KS98 bayonets. This bayonet though is a Feldjäger clamshell which was only produced very early in the 3R. Another huge red flag for me personally although someone could posit that the scabbard itself is a replacement provided by a vet or other collector but in light of all the other issues, I'd suspect it's just part of the same story of is sad fake.

    If the seller is a reputable guy, I'd inform him of this item's issues. If not, don't waste your time but above all, save your money & look elsewhere.

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    Billy i've mentioned the lightning bolts, but in the best will i just couldnt find that swastika on its chest.
    The seller asks 800 euro for it, and that is way to low for a feldjäger police Original.
    I was looking for an eagle like this...
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to look into this one
    Weimar Prussian Clamshell Police Bayonet - just acquired...

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    The picture is blurry but I think I can discern the vague outline of a swaz on that eagle's chest. It's also possible that if the emblem itself is original (which I don't think based on the rest of the bayonet), that a vet may have denazified it with an emery board. Wouldn't take much to wear down that tiny bit of metal.

    The emblem on the Horst Wolff clamshell definitely is trying to be a Feldjäger by the perch of the eagle. 800 euros might be a little low for a Weimar clamshell but for a period Feldjäger, it's ridiculously low & should in itself be a glaring red flag.

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