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Need help! police tunic and shako

Article about: I belive this is an authentic tunic and shako. Tunic includes medals 2nd class iron cross and west wall medal. also included is the gorget. I am looking at buying these items. could someone

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    Angolia has a two volume set on Police. Volume 2 is better than one. Some fakes did get into the books. You can find some Threads on WAF.

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    Circuit advertisement Need help!  police tunic and shako
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    The uniform itself looks good. The eagle type on the uniform looks good to me although none of that type were believed to be issued. They are pretty uncommon. They were also made in dark blue for fire police. The boards looks more black piped so it would be for SD not Schutpolizei.

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    I'd like to see the RaD buckle to determine if it also is spurious...G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    I’ll abide by the custom of this forum (and others as well) of not pricing items and focus on the less commercial features.
    The tunic is the standard service pattern introduced in 1936 for the Third Reich’s National Police (Schutzpolizei des Reiches a.k.a. SchuPo). Shoulder boards show the rank of “Meister” , comparable to a Staff Sgt. Major or WO3 in the British Army of the era. However they might be SS Security Service (SD) and this obviously indicates an inconsistent replacement.
    The gorget is a reproduction for the reasons that have been already stated. Needless to say, the Feldgendarmerie (Military Police) and the SchuPo were two very different branches.
    Although pictures don’t help along, the sleeve eagle appears to be the rare machine-woven (BEVo) version of the officers’ insignia .
    The subject of post-war made shakos is quite a complex subject and better pictures would be required to define doctoring.

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