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Railroad eagle

Article about: Hello guys, my new acquisition, I hope that you like. for me, it's authentic...

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    Oh yeah, I got both mine for $1200-1300 (each) --- $1800 is more of an unrealistic and inflated dealer price, using them is easy, fast and reliable but they sure know how to charge you for that convenience as well

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    Regarding comments made above, I had wondered about the future applications of ‘3D printing’ too. However, from what colleagues have said it sounds as if the production of absolutely identical replicas is still some way off. It seems that even with the best computer controlled tools, a manufacturer would have to produce a pattern which was the exact replica of an item that was made of wood by hand, with the same fettling marks and other characteristic imperfections of the originals. Still quite a high fence to leap.

    Returning the original item, a question was raised earlier about the way in which the mounting studs were not threaded on this one. I suppose I’m surprised that these were still lying unfinished in some store after the end of the war, wouldn’t production of such eagles and the carriages they went on have been stopped or at least abbreviated by the demands of total war? Mind you, the Third Reich seemed to have a real addiction to producing complex products and many different types, so who knows. Finally, is it an optical illusion, or do the ‘studs’ actually have tapering sides? If so, how could anyone run a die down them?

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    I think all unthreaded pieces I have seen have also had tapered studs. Looking at mine it's obvious (well... to me, at least) that their studs too were tapered before they were actually threaded and finished.

    Also, wouldn't these have been exclusively (?) for official issue to the Reichsbahn and not to be found in any stores? I've always thought of these unthreaded types to have been unfinished examples found in abandoned factory storages etc.

    I guess the upcoming book will answer a lot of these questions

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    Personally, I'd like to hear Big Ned's opinion on this far as I'm concerned, he's the go-to guy for RR eagles.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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